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Ann Arbor – Michigan Municipal League Foundation recently announced Saul State. Marie received a micrograft program as a bridge developer. The city receives funding for the West An Street space management project, which includes the conversion of public space into walls, landscaping and facilities for dog owners.

Bridge Developers Project in response to the COVID-19 outbreak It was launched in 2020 as a pilot program. The microgram program is designed b Encourage creativity, selfishness and communication to help Michigan communities survive the epidemic. According to the release.

This year’s winners include:

≤ Adventure / Imagination Development Center, Saginaw – During the epidemic, Kurator Assistant Benjamin Champagne hosted the Sagittarius Art Museum during the epidemic “Betrayer” Art events around the Sagina community. Events included poems from local filmmakers in the laundry room and under buses and bridges. This gift allows it to expand its programming with new speakers and a power inverter to make it more mobile and accessible to more people.

≤ Art Pole Project, Rogers City – 17 artists aged 5 and over have painted and designed PVC poles around the city near parks and local businesses. The support allows artists to create additional pillars for their track system and the local community.

Asa Kassa de Rosado Center, Lansing – Kassa de Rosado hosts markets on Sunday with artists selling their products and live performers such as dancers and musicians. This financial support will allow markets to extend beyond the summer.

Rent Trenton Visionaries and Stakeholders, Trenton-Trenton is a trail city named after the Iron Belt Trail. In a deep-rooted project, local businesses and civic groups create glittering sculptures on tree trunks along the main corridor and give an unmistakable welcome.

ት Stock Detroit Community Marketplace, Detroit: The marketplace is a state-of-the-art outdoor market operated by the Warren Connor Development Coalition and Eastside Community Network, which serves as a meeting place for food, networking, resource sharing, entertainment and recreation. This joint forum connects residents with each other, with neighbors and with community organizations.

የአትክልት Charles Drew Transition Center Gardening Program, Detroit: The Charles Drew Gardening Program is a special school-based program for students with moderate to severe cognitive impairment, hearing and vision impairment, and special needs autism. The mission of our Detroit Community Project for Food Relief is for students to learn professional gardening skills while raising food for the needy through food donations.

≤ Burns Seneca Fisher J. Block Club, Detroit – The Burns Seneca Fisher Jer Block Club in Detroit is a youth block club for approximately 35 to 4 year olds who meet to decide on community projects. This financial assistance will help the youth prepare for the community game. The young person is involved in everything from design and dress design to marketing and more.

Oo Joo Won Park, Cresge Art Fellow, Detroit: A group of Korean American artists in Detroit will host a nightclub featuring music, dance and multimedia. Joe Won Park, Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Wine State University, and Director of Art Lab J ( will edit the show, the panel session, and possibly the workshop. Depending on the COVID-19 condition, the project may take the form of an online performance or physical events.

ማህበር Central Neighborhood Association, Cross City – Maekelawi has been a mixed income area for the past two years, with more than 30 musicians playing on the porches of Maekelawi. PorchFest 2021 is on September 19, 2021. This year, they are expanding their efforts to attract more locals to this free event, with the goal of creating and maintaining relationships between neighbors.

The Singing in Rain, Vassar – The city of Vassar uses hydrophobic paint on the sidewalks leading to the city center. They also plan to engage in road art to engage families and residents.

Je Jefferson Clarmer Farmers Market, Detroit – Jefferson Clarmer Farmers Market is a community farmer market that serves as a small business and micro agribuster incubator. Locals can reserve supplies to sell items they have made or grown. This helps to inspire local creativity, art and culture, and promotes a healthy diet that enriches the lives of the community.

≤ The West Ann Street Placemaking Project, Sault Ste. Marie – West An Street Positioning Project is a partnership between local businesses and neighborhood leaders. Public spaces are transformed by walls, landscaping, and facilities to encourage dog owners to create a sense of place in their environment and to inspire a sense of neighborhood pride and caring for people.

Each microgram winner will receive $ 500 for their project. All aid projects are required to be carried out in the Michigan City League League community. The winners are determined to be projects that inspire local pride, encourage civic participation, and build relationships between divisions within their respective communities.

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