Monday’s thunderstorm uproot 77 trees in Lutheran Dale | Daily News – Indian Times

NEW DELHI: The Lutheran Deli has lost at least 77 trees, some decades old, 58 large branches broken and heavy rains on Monday and heavy rains in the national capital, NDMC officials said.
The civic body is concerned that some of the uprooted trees may be among the so-called ‘heritage trees’ of the New Delhi Municipality (NDMC), but the team has yet to compile an injury report and confirm the facts.

“Last night, 77 trees were uprooted and 58 large branches fell, closing several roads in the NDMC area. All roads were cleared,” the NDMC senior official told PTI.

Among the trees that were uprooted were Nem (seven), Papal (six), Jammu (five), Arjun (four), and similar, Pilkan and Bargad (two each).

Each tree was destroyed by the hurricane.
“Most of the uprooted trees were on Baba Karak Singh Road (six); Parliament Street lost five Nem trees. The highest tree branches fell on Modi Lal Nehru Marg (12), followed by Golf Link (eight).”
The Department of Horticulture and the NDMC are responsible for cleaning up uprooted trees and debris.
Other roads that have been uprooted and damaged by traffic are Mares Teresa Moon, Ashoka Road, Shankar Road, Firozshah Road, Jantar Mtar Marg, Castorba Gandhi Marg, Copernicus Marg, Tilk Marg, Pirana Kila Road, Pandara Road, Subramaniam Baharti Marg, Jap, , Sardar Patel Marg, K Kamraj Marg, Krishna Menon Road, Tolstoy Road, Tyagraj Marg and Sunehri Bagh Road.
“Some of these trees are very old but the team has not been able to confirm the disappearance of the trees with heritage. A damage report will be prepared soon,” the official said. .
Deli For the first time since 2018, “severe” hurricanes have been observed, with detached trees blocking roads and damaging several vehicles, disrupting traffic within minutes. The NDMC Control Unit has received complaints about more than 160 excavated trees and blocked roads.
According to the NDMC, 1,813 trees have been lost in the area around the Lucian Deli since 2015. Officials say between 300-16 and 2021-22 trees were lost.
Indigenous trees such as Nem, Papal, Pilkan, Jamun, Arjun, Kherney, and Emily were planted in 1911 when British architect Edwin Landerser Lutheran was commissioned to design the New Delhi area.
Over the past six years, we have been trying to figure out the real reason behind the loss of 1,813 trees, including 1,813 trees. Analysis shows that the Lutheran Deli is losing more than 250. Trees annually, so the practice focused on proposing solutions to save the trees in the region, ”he said.

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