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The social movement that started in England has gone to Not-deme-de-Grisse (NGG).

Incredible grain is a global initiative that encourages urban dwellers to make better use of green spaces.

A group of enthusiastic gardeners looking to follow in the footsteps of a small community in Toddorden, England In 2013, NGG’s incredible insanity initiative began.

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How community gardens provide an opportunity for Toronto neighborhoods to grow

“Food is dripping in public and private areas where food is gathered and shared,” says organizer Jane Barr.

Anyone who walks through one of the 11 stations through the NDG is encouraged to take something from gardeners set up in stores, restaurants, churches and even fire stations.

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Organizers and volunteers will be assigned to water the garden and help design. All grown food is free, just choose what you want.

The idea is to bring agriculture to the city.

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Truck Garden for the City Farmer

Truck Garden for the Urban Farmer – April 16, 2021

“It’s part of a global effort to make the world a stronger, greener, healthier place,” said volunteer Evelyn Ginsburg.

Each garden has something unique, but most focus on plants and edible flowers. For some, cooking on city sidewalk may seem strange, but sidewalks come out of it.

“Day care comes around and everyone tries it with mint and thyme and sage,” says Barr.

“Everyone tastes a little bit and people come and get a few handfuls of mint for tea or a small tin for their Thai food.

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The organizers hope to spread the word to friends and neighbors, and encourage more people to participate. Anyone looking for more information and a list of gardens can visit IE.NDG on Facebook.

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