More National Network Highway Improvements for NT along the way

The Liberal and Nationalities Government is providing more than $ 27 million to support improvements to the North Territory National Network Highway before the end of the year.

As part of the project, the 49-mile priority section of Stuart, Victoria and Barclay Highways will be upgraded. Its work includes the reinforcement and expansion of highways, the redevelopment of asphalt and asphalt, and the clearing of sidewalks.

This will provide better, safer and safer road access to the region, and the improved road surface will reduce operating costs and maintenance costs for vehicles – especially freight.

According to Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, the project will improve some of Darwin’s major urban connections to communities and freight.

“These improvements will provide better and more efficient road network by improving road safety while feeding future traffic volumes,” he said.

“This means improved freight links to support the region’s businesses and economy, safer access to jobs and services for tertiers, and better roadmaps to support time-critical emergency response.”

According to Northern State Senator Dr. Sam McMahon, trucks, families and businesses using these roads will begin to experience the significant benefits of these improvements.

“This project will strengthen road protection to keep local communities, trucks and visitors in touch with other parts of the region and the country to reduce road closures during the wet season,” said Dr. McMahon.

“This is important to connect local people with jobs and vital services such as health and education and to improve relations for industries such as tourism, horticulture, agriculture and mining.

Under this project, the construction of the Stuart Highway Renovation has been completed in a $ 3 million package, with additional priority projects to be completed by the end of this year and the entire project is expected to be completed by mid-2024. . ”

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