More than 300 empty West Louisville lots can be community backyards.

Louisville, Ky (WAVE) – There are hundreds of vacancies in West Louisville. Most are covered with garbage and weeds. Someone wants to fill them with community gardens instead.

Wayne Long is a representative of the Jefferson County University of Kentucky University Collaborative Extension Service. A special project is underway to collect soil samples in those vacancies to see if they are safe for plants.

It has been working on these sites for a long time since last fall, and only a few of the 80 or more of them have been tested.

“Maybe three. And I’m very careful because of that,” Long said.

Is that the reason? He is getting a lot of lead in the soil.

“It’s amazing. This venue has more than 700 million rooms,” Long said.

That EPA is almost twice as safe.

The pencil comes from paint, not from a pipe. Most of these old houses still have lead paint, or have been demolished and the abandoned paint has damaged the soil.

This does not mean that the lot is worthless.

“You can plant pollen and fruit trees on it. You can do other jobs besides food production,” Long said.

You can also plant high beds, such as the Parkland Community Garden. He helped with that project a long time ago 10 years ago and that’s why the wheels came up with this idea.

These gardens can make a big difference because there is very little chance of getting fresh food on the west side of the city.

Just like with Parkland Garden, the community wants to buy into the project.

So far, so good.

Johnny Scott lives in the area and sees Long doing his job. He boarded.

“I mean it feeds you and your friends in the process, you know what I mean? I grow tomatoes and onions. I even run out of potatoes, ”said Scott.

“They are looking at different aspects of the environment, different parts of it. You have to get food, transportation and that fresh food, ”Long said.

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It is about halfway through the 3-year partnership for the project.

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