More than 840,000 attended the Wisconsin State Fair, the lowest attendance since 2009

West Alice – The attendance at the Wisconsin State Fair this summer was certainly higher than last year, but it was the lowest attendance since 2009.

In the 84 days after the 11-day outbreak of the Covd-19 epidemic, 841,074 people were evacuated.

In 2019, 289,498 more people attended the festival.

Although the numbers were not as high as the pre-epidemic days, the show was still a “great success.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host the 170th Wisconsin State Fair and to celebrate what we are so proud of,” said Kathleen Olyry, chief executive of Wisconsin State Fair Park. It was a great achievement for our staff, suppliers, exhibitions and board of directors to see smiling faces return to our doors after 724 days. In the face of challenging weather for several days, we look forward to providing the best possible experience for all.

More than 8,000 animals entered the competition, and more than 7,000 competing exhibition entries were judged. There were more than 2,500 exhibitions competing in animal fairs, horticulture, textiles, handicrafts, cooking, cheese, meat, and more.

The Blue Ribbon Livestock Bid raised more than $ 303,800 with the $ 109,000 raised from the Blue Blue Ribbon Meat Bid. In addition, the Blue Ribbon Dairy products auction raised more than $ 54,000.

Of the half-million dollars raised, a significant portion of Wisconsin’s youth farming programs will benefit and provide scholarships.

Nearly 300,000 original creams were sold by the Wisconsin Bakery Association, and Real Wisconsin Cheese Grill sold more than 47,000 fried cheese sandwiches. Wisconsin potato farmers sell more than 26,000 baked potatoes.

The 2022 Wisconsin State Fair will be held August 4-14.

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