More than 900 FAA projects were screened at the expensive county show

At the 2021 Wooden County Exhibition, 928 FFA Crops, Agricultural Engineering, Research, Horticulture, SAE / FFA photoboards and agricultural science projects are on display at the Youth Fair Building. The Wood County Fair FFA exhibition at the Bowling Green, Eastwood, Elmwood, Ottego and Penta Professional Center is the largest of any county in Ohio.

607 Agricultural, Vegetable and Ag Science projects Inputs in this area include cereals, fruits and vegetables, flowers, grass and research projects. These projects are the result of an agricultural experience project that is monitored by each FFA member as part of their high school agricultural studies.

The best entry in each class is that “Sweepstakes Winner.” There were 29 winners this year. It had Bowling Green 21, Eastwood One, Elmwood Four, and Penta three.

There were 321 agricultural engineering projects in sight. These projects are being built in the fields of agricultural engineering high schools on the “hands” of teaching agriculture. Projects included woodworking, metalworking, construction, electricity, plastics, and machinery. Projects ranged from desks to furniture, electric testers to forged cheesecakes, matching projects to hydraulic robots.

This year, for the 11th year, the Northwest Ohio Woodworker’s Guild sponsored each FFA chapter for the best woodworking project award. The purpose was to learn the skills of young people in carpentry and to promote handicrafts. This year’s winners are Cole Brock, Bowling Green, Joule Jered, Eastwood; Anna Meyer, Elmwood; Kohen Faehan, Otsego; And Jasmine Harkness, Penta.

In addition to these projects, each FFA chapter has a training booth that highlights their activities and promotes FFA. Six FFA seats in front of the Youth Fair Building welcomes fair spectators to the FFA Showcase.

FFA Tractor Operator Competition

The 2021 FFA Tractor Operator Competition was won by Nathan Harris at the Bowling Green FFA. BGFAA Wyatt Bechstein was second; Followed by Eastwood FAA Carter Fuss, third; ISUFF FAA, fourth; Otsego FFA Grant Bevelville, fifth. Tanner Pennington (Elmwood), Adam Meyer (Elmud) and Tommy Curtis (Penta) competed.

The competition is popular with fair-minded riders who see FFA members trying to drive and test two- and four-wheeled farm equipment through an obstacle course.

The competition has three fields. In the event of a two-wheeled vehicle, the competitor must remove one tractor and the manure expander from the pit, turn 50 feet down, and then move the unit through a series of poles without touching it. In a four-wheeled event, the contestant must return the tractor to the carriage without having to move the tractor or cart. The wagon was then dragged forward with the tractor to a separate hut. Both events are timed. The third area is safety, where competitors are punished for any security breaches during the operation of the tractor and application. Competition requires a lot of skill and skill, and it must be practiced.

The trophies for the top three were sponsored by the Ed and Denise Fus family. The Wood County application provided tractors, the Hole / Hannah family carriage, the Eastwood and Otsego FFA chapters, course indicators, and the BG Agricultural Education Department’s fertilizer expansion. The judges were James Brown, Mark Wensink, Tom Steers and Josh Isaacson.


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