Morgan’s new garden is the ultimate Alfresco experience.

Brett Beyer, Charity at Morgan Library and Museum

Green space is always a strong mental necessity. And in New York, a pile of grass — indeed, even grass — is a gift from God. Life in this concrete metropolis invites a media tour. Window gardensAnd Central Park in the sun. But, of course, there are those little gardens that sometimes prevent us from pulling our hair. Of Morgan Library It is one of the newly renovated gardens.

The library has undergone a six-year renovation at a cost of $ 13 million, including a new roof and a carefully crafted facade, which has been a historic building for over a century. Crown Jewelry, however, is a 5,000-square-foot garden, a London-based project. Todd Longstafe-GoanLandscape architect from Kensington Palace Gardens and Hampton Court. “We had at our disposal the magnificent treasures and collections of Morgan Library, as well as manuscripts and all the architecture in the building,” said Longstaff-Goan. We’ve put everything in perspective, and we’ve been announcing the design.

Morgan Library Museum

See J-Propont Morgan Library and Morgan Paradise, attached west.

Thanks to Brett Beyer, Morgan Library and Museum

Built between 1902 and 1906, the building became the private library of John Perpont Morgan – the American financier who oversaw corporate finance on Wall Street during the Gilead era and, most importantly, was a very good collector. When Morgan died in 1913, he left behind a collection of over $ 900 million worth of manuscripts, printed books, publications, paintings, and antiques. Since then, thanks to the expansion of the Pritzker Prize-winning architect, the library and its accompanying mid-19th century Brownstone and Appendix have been transformed into an international museum. Renzo Piano Ten years ago. But the library building itself was neglected, and the sea shell-colored Tennessee limestone was contaminated with smoke and the front lawn was empty.

Today, on Madison Avenue on East 36th Street, detailed metal gates are now open for an air green loggia. Shiny white geraniums with blueson trails and patterns Stone paving From the Sea of ​​Ionia — Library Renaissance-inspired Jewelry Extension. He walks across the lawn in front of a modern piano tent. “The plants we used to maintain the integrity of the building were intentionally low,” said Longstafe-Gowan. “The purpose was to make it light and airy.”

Morgan Library Museum

Morgan Gard, north-facing view of the third-century Roman sarcophagus.

Thanks to Brett Beyer, Morgan Library and Museum

Landscaping architects also used classical sculptures excavated from the museum’s collection: a Roman burial or steel, a pair of Renaissance corbels, and a Roman coffin in the courtyard. Longstafe-Goan Classic Evidence-Based Historical Emotions Revealed in Morgan’s Garden The sum of these parts of the Old World is equal to the magnitude and constraint, and this effect increases with the increase in the design of outdoor lighting created by the designer at night. Linnaea Tillett It washes the building under the influence of moonlight.

Morgan Library continuously displays completed renovations Community events are free for the publicThe park will then be open to ticket holders until October 9. The festival is scheduled to coincide with the exhibition.The construction of J. Boopman’s Garden of J. Perfont Morgan Library”Chronicles the history of the library and displays contemporary photographs, architectural paintings, and Morgan collections.

“The new garden is a Roman whip in Midtown Manhattan,” says Longstaff-Gowan. “Its presence is expected to allow travelers unfamiliar with the library and the museum to explore the magnificent collection.”

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