MoS Defense Bhatt evaluates security on LoC

The State Minister for Defense and Tourism, Ajayi Bat, visited the posts near the checkpoint in this border district on September 10 to assess the security situation in the area.

Official sources Mr. Bath were briefed on the general security situation at the LC and anti-submarine grid operation. In Pakistan’s Kashmir (POK), there have been reports of attempts to infiltrate the area before it was closed due to heavy rains.

However, sources said that security forces guarding Locon are already on high alert to thwart any attempt by POK.

Meanwhile, an official spokesman for the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition’s Public Relations Program, Mr. Bahat, visited the border region of North Kashmir.

During the visit, the Minister visited the post office near the LCC and assessed the security situation in the area. He also met with military officers and soldiers.

Later, the Minister distributed Chogul on 184 canal land at the horticulture station. He also inspected a grocery store and found a variety of products, including fruits, walnuts, and organic honey. Mr. Bahat visited a variety of fruit nurseries and met with progressive horticulturalists and farmers in addition to women’s self-help groups and the local Panchayat X-ray Institute (PRA).

Speaking at the meeting, Union Minister Bahat expressed his happiness that the people of Copwara border district are among them. During the visit, he noted that the great ceremonies of the Sufi saints are still in Kashmir.

Calling Kashmir a paradise on earth, he said the government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was working to preserve the original identity of the region by providing general development, especially in the border region of Kupawara. He said all the questions, issues and grievances raised by the PRS, the SHGs and the public have been taken up and the same situation will be solved by the government, the administration and the judge.

The people are moving forward and development activities are in full swing. He said border tourism, eco tourism and horticulture will be given priority.

The minister laid the foundation stone for a 72 million rubles artificial handball court at Kandi Kas High School and met with members of the youth club and local PRIs.

When registering Central-sponsored plans, Bahat stressed that the benefits of these plans should be better utilized by all stakeholders. He impressed the young people to change their talents and win prizes for themselves and the country. The Government of India has always been committed to encouraging the youth of Kashmir for a better future.

Deputy Commissioner Kupawara, Imam Dean; Director of Tourism GEN Itu and other officials attended the event.

During the visit, PRI members as well as members of the House of Representatives presented a charter of questions on border tourism and woreda general development issues. During his meeting with Woreda Administration officials, Deputy Commissioner Kupawara spoke about the profile of development and the major achievements of the woreda.



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