MOSAIC is scheduled for a fall garden tour in Pottstown on September 18th

POTTSTOWN – Buy garden tour tickets for the fall of Mosaic on September 18th.

The tour runs from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, during which time you can visit any of the gardens.

After lunch, beginning at 12:30 pm, food will be served by Pottstown United Brewing Company on Porstown Highway in Irete Biarton.

Bright, colorful flowers have water droplets on the flowers after a rainstorm. The flowers were planted in a Pottstown home and entered the old indoor garden competition.

During a visit to the September Mosaic Garden at 423 Chestnut St. Come and admire more than plants in a community garden.

Members of the MOSAIC Art Committee will be able to display artwork around the fence around the garden.

There will be natural photography, acrylic paintings, masterpieces, and more. They offer free art projects to local summer camps, complete the wall behind the postal library, install temporary folk art projects and host events such as Hunt’s annual event to provide the arts community’s art. He arrives on October 30th.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $ 20 or $ 25 on the day of the visit.

2021 Garden Tours_6 .JPG

Pottstown’s home garden uses “grow” decorations to enhance creativity.

To order tickets online, visit

Tour and lunch ticket $ 50 per person (tips and alcohol not included).

Rainfall for this visit will be on September 25.

People who choose not to pay online can call (484) 214-5046 to book tickets.

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