Mounts Botanical Garden shows Florida natives

This past weekend, I took my daughter and her two sons to the mountain gardens to see the magnificent butterfly garden. We do not give up.

There were deep blue deceptions, the Red Orange Gulf Fritilis, the magnificent black-and-white skid helicopters, the beautiful White Cassius Blues, the white-spotted orange queens, the yellow cloudless sulfur, the various hairpins and boats, and indeed many beautiful kings. . Not only many butterflies but also many flowers bloom, so the butterflies give us a lot of photo openings and create endless shouts of joy from the men.

The helicopter flew over the Cosmos flower in the mountains of the mountains.

Like the Pan Garden, the mountains are majestic oasis in the middle of a city forest. The food and shelter of countless birds and wildlife will delight visitors of all ages.

Strange and native plants are all identified here, with enough indigenous population to support the large number of pollen relies on them, and many are in the butterfly garden. Tropical Red Wise (Salvia Cosinia) Butterflies are magnets and add brightness to any landscape. The white and pink varieties are equally beautiful and together give a lasting color throughout the year. Blue agate, or dew flower (Conoclinium coelestinumIt is another large flowering plant for butterflies. Lavender-blue flowers with soft and swollen heads are always fun.

Red, white, and pink salvia plants bloom all year round.

Salvia and Ajeratam are self-seeding, so once you sow them, you can expect volunteers to appear everywhere and add bright colors to any empty space. If you do not like the place you choose to grow it, they are easy to plant, or give it to a friend or neighbor.

Ajeratum is a plant that grows on its own along with Salvia.

Levenworth Sliced ​​Grains (Coreopsis leavenworthii) Another great native who brings countless butterflies to your garden. This member of the Esther family plays with bright yellow daisies that bring joy to any landscape. Reduce the number of flowers you have lost and this will keep the flower for several months.

Coriopsis is a wildflower in the state of Florida, with 11 species to choose from. C. leavenworthii It is very common in our area and is easily found in the nursery business. The small disc flowers in the middle of the leaves are especially popular with small hairy butterflies. If you want to try another color, Corpus node, Or swampy grains, has pink flowers.

Coreopsis (here, Coreopsis leavenworthii, or Leavenworth's tickseed) is the official wildflower of the state.

Bright flowers attract butterflies and pollen, but you still need a host plant where the butterfly lays its eggs. Each species of butterfly has a different host plant, without which it cannot survive. The host of the kings is the weed of the weeds;Zania integrifolia). If you want to raise a helicopter, you need to plant a mycelium or bush stem. These vines are easy to grow near palms or other trees, or on the trellis.

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