MSP could provide 113 crops to 113 crops

Punjab Minister of Agriculture Randip Singh Naba stressed that the center should provide MSP guarantees for the benefit of the farming community.

Punjab Minister of Agriculture Randip Singh Naba said that if the center could not provide the same, the Punjab government could plan to provide a minimum subsidy (MSP) on 113 crops to farmers.

In a press statement issued in Jlandhar, the Minister urged the Center to provide assurances to MSP for the benefit of the farming community. “We welcome the move to repeal the three agricultural laws, but the center should immediately notify MSP of the crop. We hope the union government will accept the farmers’ request for MSP. The regional government has prepared a ‘vision document’ to change the agricultural sector,” he added.

The visionary document emphasizes the need to integrate technology with agriculture to increase farmers’ income and reduce costs. He said drones and other new equipment could be used to achieve this goal, adding that the region would be divided into six zones to implement the “vision document”. The government is also arresting professionals to boost the agricultural sector, he said.

Naba said he was concerned that more than 700 farmers had died as a result of the crackdown on farming laws. He said the regional government is making concerted efforts to promote crop management practices, adding that 60 to 80 percent of the subsidy is being provided to farmers.

Naba later told HTT by telephone that farmers’ unions had met with Prime Minister Charanjit Singh Chani in Chandigarh and offered 113 crops, cash crops and fruits, including MSP.

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