MSU horticulturists are going to make book signatures, decor displays.

Mississippi State University Horticulture experts will be distributing holiday festivities next week with book signatures and floral designs in Meridian and Starkville.

The authors of “Good Hope – Flower Design for Spring and Winter” will present their knowledge at the Bulldog Shop and Coffee counter at the MSU-Meridian Riley Campus from 2-3 pm on Friday, December 10 and Saturday, December 11 at 1-2pm at the MSU Starville Campus Barnes & Noble Books. Store

Developed by MSU Extension Service, the book is a catalog of floral design ideas for fall and winter holidays. From baskets to wreaths to centerpieces, readers will find many inspiration for creating their own holiday celebrations.

James M. Delprins, MSU Associate Extension Professor and Vegetarian. The co-authors of the book are Patricia Knight, professor of research at the South Mississippi branch experimental center and director of coastal horticulture research. Christine Cocker, Associate Extension and Research Professor in Urban Vegetables; And Christian Stephen, Hancock County Extension Agent. The author’s floral design and decoration are presented by agricultural communication photographer Kevin Hudson and florist and ornamental gardener Patricia Knight Photography with graphic designer Annett Woods.

Copies of the book are available for purchase at both events.

Visit to find out more about “Hope for the Good.”

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