MSU Professor was named a Fellow of the Horticultural Development Organization

Contact: Meg Henderson

Patricia Horseman (Photo by Karen Bracher)

Starkville, Miss

Patricia Knight, a research professor at the Department of Plant and Soil Science at MSU, announced at the annual conference in Denver, Colorado, that the organization is a member of the American Association of Horticultural Sciences or ASHS.

Knight is also the Director of Coastal Vegetable Research at the South Mississippi Branch Research Center, the MSU Coastal Research and Extension Center, and the off-campus research institute outside the state’s Mississippi Agricultural and Forest Testing Center.

James Henderson, professor and director of the Blocxi Center, commented on Knight’s lifelong commitment to developing the science of ornamental plants.

“Over the years, Dr. Knight has worked closely with the USADA Agricultural Research Service to promote and promote new species of ornamental wood,” he said. “Her leadership in conducting our beach gardening research program is invaluable, and her recognition by her professional association is a powerful testament to her life’s work. Speaking to myself and my partner at the Beach R&E Center, we are all very proud of Dr. Knight.

The Knights celebrated their years of research and years in HSS. She In 1992, she became a first-year student at Auburn University and became a graduate of Auburn and Virginia Tech. As a member of the MSU faculty, Knight has won numerous awards for her work over the past 20 years and has published numerous reference articles and drafts in ASAS magazines. Your graduate student has also won several competitions and is actively involved in ASHS.

“It’s a great honor and incredibly humble,” Knight said. “This means that your academic peers will find that your professional efforts are superior and recognized. I am proud to be a member of ASAS.

Knight also recognizes the contribution of a co-worker.

“I truly appreciate the appointment of Dr. Christine Cocker and the support of our horticultural team,” she said. No one can do anything without the support of their peers.

A.D. Founded in 1903, ASHS is an international community of horticulturists who apply scientific research, education, and current practices and issues around the world.

As an ASHS member, he is honored by his colleagues who have been with the organization for more than 10 years and have made significant contributions to the organization and the horticulture sector. Candidates are elected by members and selected by a vetting committee.

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