MSU’s ‘Hope for Good’ floral design book offers creative holiday decorating ideas

Contact: Madison Welzbacher

“Hope for the Good – Flower Design for Spring and Winter Holidays” is available during holiday decoration and entertainment.

Starkville, Miss.

This is a catalog of flowers design ideas for fall and winter holidays, prepared by MSU Extension Service. From baskets to wreaths to centerpieces, readers will find many inspiration for creating their own holiday celebrations. The book is now available at the Burns & Noble Bookstore on Amazon and the MSU campus.

James M. Delprins is an Associate Extension Professor and Horticulture Specialist at MSU. Co-authors of the book are Patricia Knight, Professor of Research and Director of Coastal Research at the South Mississippi Branch; Christine Cocker, Associate Extension and Research Professor of Flower and Ornamental Gardening; And Christian Stephen, Hancock County Extension Agent. The author’s floral designs and decorations were presented by Agricultural Communication photographer Kevin Hudson and graphic designer Annett Woods.

Delpres Most design ideas focus on the use of Mississippi plant materials for holiday decorations.

“Most of the work on summer crops will be done naturally, during the harvest season,” said Delprins. “The fall of Mississippi is getting colder, so we want to be outdoors. Now is the time to decorate the front porch with Christmas decorations. Our book uses leafy greens and many other herbal products for holiday decoration in Mississippi.

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