Municipal primary ballot papers will be mailed Wednesday

Ballot papers for the first municipal election will be mailed Wednesday, Missoula County Election Administrator Bradley Seman told KGVO News Tuesday morning.

“Our first municipal election will take place on September 14, and we will send more than 47,000 voters to county councils,” Semaman said. “Those will be mailed tomorrow, so voters must find those in the inbox starting Thursday or Friday. Then our first election will be held on Tuesday, September 14. There are three major contests on the ballot. We have our mayor, we have our ward one and our ward six, and from those races each of the top two recipients will continue until the November general election in Missouri.

Thanks to the Montana Legislative Council, Seman said voter registration would not be available on the same day, September 14.

“The biggest change for this election is to cancel voter registration on election day,” he said. That was a change in the Montana state legislature to prevent voters from registering and voting on election day. And there are very few opportunities for action on election day.

For those who are new to Missoula or who have never registered to vote, Seman has some information that will allow them to participate in the main event.

“In the city of Monata, 29 days before the election, you will have to come in person to vote for us,” he said. “So if you haven’t registered yet, you want to come to North 140 in person Russell. We are open during regular business hours until election day. And then Monday, September 13, we will be looking for peopleTh Being able to register and vote due to the new legal changes. You will not be able to register and vote on Election Day on September 14. ”

Following protests in the November 2020 general election, Seman sought to highlight ways in which the voting process could be respected.

“All our processes are open to the public,” he said. And since we are an open book on the Misula County elections, you can see any activity by taking that little bit and adjusting it by inviting the media, legislators, legislators and local elected officials to come and see these processes. In each election, we make a canvas to ensure that all ballot papers are accounted for. None of the ballots have been lost or counted more than once, and we want to make sure people see this process because the more they know about this process, the more confident they will be of our choice for Missoula. County. ”

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