Murphy warns NJ schools / parents not to oppose the mission

Governor Phil Murphy again warns schools and school districts not to try when children return to class next week.

“Our mask policy at school is not a polite suggestion,” Morphy told reporters in his final statement. Public Health ”

While the Mileta School Board was preparing for parents to opt out of the mask policy, the state office summoned the board’s attorney and issued a warning, prompting the state to take them to court. The board has finally fulfilled its mandate. The same thing happened in Wayne.

In Chatham, angry parents filled the school board meeting, hoping to persuade the board to remove the mask. They did not. The president of the board told parents to take any complaints “to Trenton.”

It is not clear exactly what will happen after the strike. Some school districts may see large numbers of children reporting to class without a mask. The issue was recently brought back to school on the City Hall broadcast.

At least initially, students will be given a mask if they appear unattended. On Monday, the administration announced that it had provided 500,000 baby masks to school districts. State education officials were not immediately available for comment.

Even a few days before school begins, some districts are now adopting Kovi guidelines to monitor how health and safety protocols are handled. In Chatham, angry parents tried to persuade the school board to comply with the masked order, but to no avail. The president of the board told them to file a complaint to “Trenton” because their hands were tied.

Murphy tried to leave no stone unturned in his determination to keep everyone in school. In terms of full-time physical education and public health, to make our schools as good as possible, this is a time for selfishness.

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