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Lucky, Utra Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh youths are being trained by the regional government in mushroom cultivation, processing and marketing, which can now build a promising business from mushrooms. Last week, from August 2 to August 5, a training program called “Mushroom Production and Value Addiction” was held at the Regional Food Research and Analysis Center in Luck, Uttar Pradesh. The workshop, led by experts, attracted 41 young people from all over the region.

He received the training from Chandrakant Singh, from the village of Seri, near the eastern Uttar Pradesh Gazette.

We learned how to grow mushrooms, dry them and make chocolate, laddoos, cookies, mushroom burgers and pumpkins, ”said the 38-year-old Gaon connection.

The cost of this three-day course was 700 Rebels per participant.

He said he would return the three-day program to a gas production company. “We provide mushroom production and processing training to our male farmers. Each member grows mushrooms at home, adds value to the product and markets it. ”

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It makes the mushrooms more attractive in less than 20 days, the trainees said. “It takes three to four months for other crops to grow, but vegetables take twenty-five to sixty days,” says Vሬndra Shukክላla of Barbኪnኪn. Gaon connection. He said the training would help start a mushroom farm in his village. “Mushrooms are a great food, a great source of nutrients,” he added.

“This training gives a new direction to the youth. Mushroom farming is a small, profitable enterprise that can start small, ”said Arke Thomas, director of the Department of Vegetation and Food Processing. Gaon connection. He said mushroom farming has a bright future.

“Last year we trained 500 people in Luknov alone, this time there were forty-one people from all over the state, and we will have another training session starting on August 26,” he said.

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According to the Director of Fruits and Vegetables, the nutrients in mushrooms are an excellent source of protein and can play an important role in the fight against malnutrition.

The trainees learned about growing oysters and button mushrooms and became acquainted with various ways to use mushrooms. They can be dried or packaged and can be used in soups, soups, biscuits, muffins, baby food and in a variety of foods.

Trainees received practical demonstrations of product technical knowledge.

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“Mushroom farming and its products can be sold everywhere in markets, malls, supermarkets, schools, gyms and offices,” said SK Chauhan, director of the Regional Food Research and Analysis Center. “People can sell mushrooms online,” he said. “The Horticulture Department provides technical information and advice on this work,” he said.

The cost of this three-day course was 700 Rebels per participant.

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