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A “Sustainability machine”And a song for Chinese farming – these are the two spirits created by the project MVRDV B Head Office of Lanku Aike Agricultural Development (LAD) R&D In Shanghai. LAD is a Chinese corporation that provides digital and IT technology services for agricultural management and crops. Its mission is to help revitalize China’s rural agriculture by focusing on food security to protect human health through modern scientific and technological advances. Therefore, thanks to its high-tech and low-tech strategies, the new headquarters is designed to provide a wonderful example of the company’s services, a wide range of crops and a sustainable building. The chosen station is in Shanghai, near a lake in the middle of Lingang’s new city – here, the MVRDV Architects have designed an 11-story rectangular building with R&D headquarters. It consists of a series of terraced patrols that slide down the central square and look like a huge cloud over the mountains. The project will inspire rural Chinese landscapes and the developed land will be divided into large-scale systems in a fast-growing agricultural context in Shanghai.
Enjoy the views of the lake to the north and south of the park. The basement covers 9,000 square meters. Offices of laboratories and staff. The auditorium and the showroom are on the first and second floors. On the ground floor, a series of small retail stores surround the main compound. There will be three entrances to the building, the first serving LAD headquarters and the second with other offices The main entrance to the public service enters the main courtyard. The building will also have two basements with underground and parking spaces, both to provide light, fresh air and green spaces. The subdivision of the stairs feeds the size of the building on one side to the main square, and gives it a slightly curved shape by combining the topography and the nearby lake. Roads will be removed from the main sidewalk to allow the public to reach the highest level and visit various green spaces. These steps are outdated, and LAD will use them to demonstrate and promote ongoing work and research. The building will be perfect. “Sustainability machine”- Architects have taken various strategies to make a direct or indirect contribution to saving energy and resources, of which high-tech ceilings and green terraces are examples. In addition, the green areas included in the project contribute to the biodiversity of urban areas, greatly improve the quality of life in the workplace and provide zones for recreation.

(Agnesse Bilifoko)

Project Name – LAD HQ
Location: Lingang, Shanghai, China
Year: 2021
Client – Lancuky Agricultural Development
Size and program – 18,900 m2 – Offices
Sustainability: China Green Construction Stage 3-Star (Targeted)
Architect: MVRDV
Responsible Founding Partner – James Van Ridges
Partner – Franz de Witte
Design Team – Fedor Bron, Foad Addou, Li Li, Aneta Rymsza, Nicolas Garin Odriozola, Alberto Canton, Anna Brockhoff
Director MVRDV Asia – Steven Smith
Peter Mensinga, Consultant for Sustainability
Views – Antonio Luca Coco, Luca Pyatelli, Angelo La Delfa, Luana La Martina
Images: © MVRDV
Copyright – MVRDV 2021 – (Winnie the Pooh, James van Ridges, Natalie de Vries, Frans de Witte, Fol Morere, Winchian Shi, Jan Kinkker)
Co-Architect-Ekadi Energy Consultant-Buro Hapold

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