My Garden Road – ‘Dog Days’ are here

To be honest, I didn’t take this photo recently. After the tropical climate, most of my outdoor plants do not look like this. Who can blame them?

Speaking of hot days, if you have any plants that still look good, you are doing a heck. Even with regular watering, most of them seem sad. We can hope for a better year.

When it comes to heat, big cities really bloom. Some are now asking residents to paint their roofs white to reflect the warmth of the atmosphere. They are also using lighter colored materials on the streets.

We hope that your tomato plants are producing some good ripe fruit. Yes, they are regarded as fruits, not vegetables. I always thought that was strange. I’m sure you know there are two kinds of tomato plants. Indeterminate means that only a few mature at one time. Determination means that they all mature at the same time. As long as I’m not in a trance, I choose the first one.

I hope to see more butterflies this summer. I am not. I have seen two or three so far. Even though I usually have a lot of interesting flowers, that’s it. I have many butterfly weeds that I have reserved for kings. I should not be surprised if Roundup is overused and kings are rapidly declining.

I hate to continue watering with trees, but we must remember that your trees do not get enough water from grass soaps… especially at this constant heat. If you want to keep those good big trees alive, you need to keep watering them deeply. Just lay that garden hose out of the trunk and let it roll all night.

You will need to keep mowing the lawn until the temperature rises. This helps to survive until the colder temperatures. I can’t remember a time when most of us long for cold weather. We will have to think about this next January.

On August 8, I saw the title “Some Zichchini for your neighbor’s porch day.” Another suggestion is to make them slide in open cars.

There is a way to ripen those tomatoes. Really give them a big drink and restrain them until they melt. This sends a message to the plant that this fruit will ripen so that the seeds can sprout, which in turn will be passed on to the next generation.

The thing to consider is here, the only thing worse than getting worms in a cherry is getting half a worm!

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Elaine Serney has spent most of her life as a gardener since 4-H. She has been a member of Garden Clubs in three states and is currently an active member of the River City Gardeners Club in Post Allste. For the past 12 years, her column has appeared in the press every Sunday from early March to late October.


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