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The North Intelligence Free Library will use the story of this week’s garden tour of Rural Intelligence, the Bursiers, Connecticut and Hudson Valley stylish weekly newspaper. These twisted events are usually a garden visit, not a flower garden visit.

Although the four gardeners teach themselves and take care of their own gardens, I read the story with some anxiety. That is not the case when the region is in turmoil.

One of the plants is experimenting with cover crops and soil additives. Another is working with twenty-three transplant beds, sixteen grown. The third is the first-year gardener who sowed “three sisters’ legacy for great success.” I’m not sure what three heirlooms are or what kind of heritage they are. And an electric fence has been installed to control the fourth garden deer.

I don’t have to plow my own garden but so far this summer pest is the least of my problems. The deer are happy to enjoy the apricot and chestnut seedlings. Wood forests are down. And the chips are having fun around the base of the house.

In fact, if your only goal is to increase productivity, things are going well. It is a gift that will continue to be given to my cherry tomatoes. And I planted full-size tomatoes, heirlooms, and in other words, red, yellow, and green samples — sometimes three in one tomato — and so many that one piece gives the content to my favorite lunch at this time. Year – Tomato and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

One word about tomato sandwiches. My family regrets that I used too much supermarket white bread with Mayo. Either Arnold or Pepperidge Farm. I sincerely believe that I refuse to try these brands because my faith does not work as well as Wonder Bread. What you need for a tomato sandwich in books is one step back, one that tells your tomato: “We humbly believe you are the star of this show. Our role is to make you reflect, not to show ourselves. ”

I am not alone in my choice of politics. In a recent post in the Washington Post on the southern tomato sandwich, a chef described what the author described as “skikki” white bread, although he longed for it, rather than spicy it, or rather it prompted his choice. He went with a lot of mayo, as well as salt and pepper, but left the cheese. I agree with the argument. To the best of my knowledge, Grooyera adds a little more complexity without growing tomatoes – I cut wisely instead of slicing on a sandwich.

The problem in my garden is not reproduction but beauty. It looks like hell. There are weeds growing everywhere. I don’t mean in bed beds, but that’s just because I occasionally correct them. I mean in the gaps between the beds.

I realized that I should not be superficial. The problem is that I recently visited some beautiful gardens. With their weed-like appearance, the museum’s quality fences, gardening gardens, paved stone paths, and generally Tuscan or English love, my strong suspicion is that these destinations are not the result of the owner’s sweat and tears, like me, but the team’s efforts: the master’s money and / or mistress Lady and professional class, if not full-time, gardener.

What irritates the company even more – I am happy to know that I am suffering from garden jealousy – is that these gardens are not a major part of the property. They do not try to draw attention to themselves, as they suspect. It is as if they believed that premium gardens were working on the sustainability of the land. So what if you grow award-winning tomatoes, eggs, and peppers in a history book set?

Last year I put a hammer between my five planting beds. guess what? Weeds like wood pulp. He does not oppress them; It develops, gives them a medium to grow without any number. I tried straw this year. I should have known it would not work. The item is lighter than air.

I’m thinking of throwing in a towel and throwing pebbles next year. But I doubt that the weeds are already in place or are working. By the way, does anyone hate me like dandelions? If the US military is looking for the next weapon, they may want to explore the Dendelion’s demon-possessed system.

Probably the only real solution is blackboard, tarrack. I am sure that there was a selection pavement that filled the space between the beds in a garden that my husband had recently visited. But, frankly, I didn’t pay much attention, because the automatic, timely release, damp soil moisture, computer-controlled irrigation system was amazing.

When one of the world’s most valuable tomatoes returns, the skin is hard. trust me. no I do not. She finds it difficult to accept that I have such perfection.

Ralph Gardner is a junior journalist who splits his time between New York City and Columbia County. More work is available at

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