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Lindsey Walker

Last week, the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center (SOTC) hosted twenty local high school teachers, known as Teachers’ Technology Days. It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers to learn from some of the new and old programs being offered at the Technical College. , Welding, HVAC, Robotics, Media Animation, Graphic Design, and Horticulture.

The program aims to prepare SOTC students as soon as possible in each field of work with a certified 1-year commitment after graduation. At the end of the program, students will be able to obtain Adobe Certificates in Graphic Design, State Administration and Medical Assistance, Nursing Assistance CPR / First Aid Certificates, OSHA-10 / EPA 608 Certificates at HVAC Tech and the National Institute. Metalworking certification to name a few.

Along with the required work experience, most industries have the opportunity to earn $ 15 to $ 25 an hour at the entrance level. Approaching, the curriculum is strict. However, the teachers’ unwavering love and unwavering commitment to the success of their students, as well as their willingness to support and encourage us, were as ignorant as ever before they set foot on campus.

Thanks to their guidance, each teacher was able to jump right in and make those two-day lessons not only effective but also enjoyable for everyone, giving them a sense of self-confidence through practical learning experience through numerous simulations and projects.

“This is incredible! Dalton is going to love it here,” said Rebekah Nols, a special needs teacher at Ardmor High School, in the fall of 2022, expecting her own son to participate in a media and animation program.

These programs are open not only to high school students but also to the community. In fact, in the fall of 2023, SOTC will provide adult basic education to support anyone pursuing a continuing education. I am impressed by the manpower and personal development opportunities offered to every student who chooses to enroll, and I strongly recommend that you take classes if you can. Feel free to visit for more information about the programs offered, tuition and enrollment opportunities, or contact Diana Bokman, SOTC Student Services Program.

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