Nagatak Valley Community College launches cannabis gardening program

If recreational cannabis is legal in Connecticut and colleges and universities have been jumping on the board for more than a month to teach what the budding industry needs to know.

Nagutak Valley Community College launches new course on cannabis production

Christopher Tucio, coordinator of the Horticulture Program, explained the process behind the creation of this course.

“The lesson is long overdue. It was the first idea in 2013 when the medical marijuana industry was legalized in the state of Connecticut. We approached a number of pharmacists who were licensed as medical marijuana distributors. And with the new law, we have recently decided to put our fingers in it, ”Tuciyo said.

Tokyo, for its part, said it was the first time Canebag Valley Community College had enrolled in the course, working with Cannabis Vegetation, and Nugatuk to align with its campus.

“Our campus is the only one that offers gardening in 12 community colleges. So it was really natural. All the students in the class learned a lot of different things. From seed to field and everything in between. They learn about plant nutrition, soil fertility and plant growth.” Then the actual harvest and cultivation of CBD and THC used in the industry.

The popularity of the subject has grown exponentially.

It’s ridiculous because we seem to be the most secretive person in the community college system. So when they were learning and talking to me about the campus: the four greenhouses, the 12 gardens, and so on. They will open their eyes to this wonderful natural environment and plant biology that they do not know. ”

Other Connecticut schools are looking to implement programs around the new industry. Connecticut University and Eastern Connecticut State University are two of the other schools promoting new programs.


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