National Skills Week will highlight Bundberg’s training talent

Increased number of trainees and trainees The Palazuk government is investing more than $ 1 billion in training and skills, and people in Bundaburg are getting the skills they need for future jobs.

Under the theme “RE-THINK” this year’s National Skill Week, the Minister of Training and Skills Development has encouraged Queenslanders to take a closer look at the many and varied skills available in vocational training.

“You have the opportunity to get world-class training to help you find the right job, wherever you are in Queensland,” he said.

There has never been a more important time to do this, and that is why the Pallasuk government has invested in training and skills at the heart of our $ 14.2 billion CV-19 economic recovery plan.

Tom Smith, a Bundesburg member, said the government was providing free training to young people in Bundesburg.

Mr. Smith, for his part, has free undergraduate training and free TAFE in 165 priority skills areas, including construction, health and disability support services.

And the figures show that it is paying off – 45,700 trainees and trainees started last fiscal year, an increase of 56.6% over the previous year.

“That includes more than 800 here in Bunberberg.

“Queensland is also the national leader in school-based vocational training and coaching, 57% of the total.

“That is why since 2017 we have invested more than $ 220 million across TAFE across Queensland.

And we’ve been investing another $ 100 million since this year.

“Bundaburg Investment includes $ 6 million in agricultural and horticultural center, manufacturing and commercial modernization projects.

“This ensures that our trainees and trainees have world-class facilities to acquire the skills they need to train and change their lives.

Maxon Kotl, 19, dropped out of university to study engineering, but soon realized that he was more practical and wanted to do something he liked.

At home in two part-time project cars, Maxson decided to quit university and, following his passion for cars, began working in Super Cheap Auto to support himself in his automotive career. .

Maxson, for his part, said: “I did not succeed in my initial training, so I decided to enroll in TAFE Queensland Automotive Professional Certificate II and take matters into my own hands.”

I hope that my knowledge of the industry will give me a job and that I will get a job.

Maxson said he was able to study for free with the help of JobTrainer, which he said was a great help to speed up his career.

“I had to borrow money from my parents or avoid doing this course without financial support,” Maxson says, “so it helped me to do it right away without worry.”

“Because it was free, I was able to save my money somewhere else to keep my car on the road.”

At the start of the National Skills Week, Maxson’s work also began the fourth week of atomic training at Trad Marx Tire and Bundenburg Mechanical.

He said vocational education and training were important for the Queensland economy.

“We know that if they get the right training, they are more likely to get the right job,” he said.

I recommend that anyone who reads this look at all the rewarding, profitable and popular career opportunities available in vocational education and training.

The National Skill Week, which runs from August 23 to August 29, is an opportunity to increase the capacity of vocational education and training and the broader level of competence that will now lead to a more rewarding career.


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