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The station is open Monday to Sunday, 09:00 to 17:00. Tickets are $ 3 for adults and $ 1.50 for children and seniors.

George Waldiviso visited the Gujarati Plant last Wednesday afternoon. He visited the Amazon ecosystem, where he saw mackerel, mackerel, monkeys, and other animals.

Areas of orchids and palm trees followed. “It’s my first visit and it’s a beautiful place. I always hear my friends leave and I came because I was on vacation and wanted to visit something different, ”said Valdiviso.

The site opened in September 2020 after being closed for several months due to the CVD-19 epidemic. Visitors are required to wear masks in all public places, such as Buenos Aires, where the temperature is low.

During the closure due to the epidemic, workers were working to care for the species in the area, said Arkadio Arosemena, chief executive of the plant. However, the economy has not improved since last year.

It was a very complicated month because we didn’t have an income በፊት Before we took in 15,000 students every year, it was two years if we could do that and obviously we were a little bit economically disadvantaged. .

The park is currently open Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00. Tickets are $ 3 for adults and $ 1.50 for children and seniors.

The park covers an area of ​​four hectares. Gob itors can enjoy hundreds of species of plants and animals. There are places for orchids, palms, bonsai, and farm animals such as peacocks, ducks, and more.

There is a gazebo and a place for visitors to take a picnic.

Wildlife receives special care in the Gujarati Vegetable Garden. Photo – Ronald Sedenho. Photo – Universe

“People can flow quietly in the garden, there are four acres there, and the good thing about the garden is that people can go outside, stay out of the house without getting sick,” said Arosimena.

He added that on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 15%, or 30 people, are currently seen in the gardens due to the epidemic.

There is also a permanent exhibition of butterflies and watercolors of the Ecuadorian logo orchids.

In the “Upgrade Our Team” competition, three cooperatives from the South and one from the Northwest Guyaquil won first place.

In the Plant Garden, a self-guided system with QR codes is implemented to provide detailed information about what each visitor visitors will see.

Arosimena said the guide service must be registered in advance and is for groups of 10-15 people.

Those who are interested in visiting this place can call 098-996-9939 for more information.

Historical Garden

The City of Samborondon will announce the opening date of the historic park in the parish of Enteres Rios next week.

There are dozens of species of animals and trees on the site, as well as a site dedicated to the ancient Guayaquil. There are now hotels and restaurants in the area. (Me)

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