Natural farming rejuvenates the garden in Solan

Tribune News Service

Shimla, September 5

Dr. S. Parmarr has re-introduced the sub-apple sub-field (SPNF) Technology of Desert Apple Farms at the Regional Plantation Research Center in Soho, Mashobra, near the plant, and now the garden is producing apples and interns. -Draps.

SPNF intervention over the past two years has shown encouraging results in the area of ​​one hectare of fruit that has been neglected for some years due to lack of resources. Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Assistant Director of the Research Center, said that the overall health of the plant has improved through the use of natural resources such as “Jivaamrit and Gangjevavarit” from Dessie Lam Dung and Urine.

SPNF by Padma Sri Subhash Palekar is a non-chemical natural farming concept based on agricultural inputs made from urine and native cow. The farmer does not want to buy inputs from the market, which greatly reduces the cost of farming.

“Now, terminal growth has returned and soil structure has improved. The number of earthworms has increased and the plants are healthy and the leaf size is good, ”said Dr. Usha Sharma, a scientist who oversees the trial. Attempts to establish and ensure technical success continue for five years.

Apple’s garden, which has been providing care for returnees for many years, gave a total of about 3,61,162 rubles per hectare in 2019, which increased to 5,46,964 rubles by 2020.

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