Navin Chudhari ‘Pashudhan Vyapar Mela’ inaugurated in Lakanpur

Kathua, Dec. 5 ፡ General Secretary, Livestock and Sheep Livestock, Navin Kummer Chuudhari, today ‘Pashudhan Vyapar Mela’ at RP Check post, Lakhanpur. The guest of honor was Yasha Mudgal, Secretary of the Department of Cooperatives.

“Pashudhan Vyapar Mela,” said Navin Chudhari, who is making a significant decision every month in Lakanpur.

He said more than 10,000 new dairy units have been opened in the past two years, adding that the department’s programs have gradually changed. Pashudhan said Viapara Mela aims to provide the best breeds of animals in Jammu and Kashmir and save time and money for farmers who migrate to other states for quality animal husbandry. The ultimate goal is to create new ways for farmers to achieve the desired results by doubling their income.

Navin Chudhari is receiving more than 50% subsidy in all major sectors of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry and cooperatives. He said 10 million birr has been allocated to subsidize farmers last year and is ready to cover 70 million farmers this year.

Cooperatives will have a significant impact on the quality of the rural economy, he said. She said several dairy cooperatives have recently been registered. He appealed to the farmers to register and open cooperatives in agriculture, dairy and other sectors.

Deputy Commissioner Katwa Rahul Yadav addressed the forum. Along with Punjab, Hariya and various breeds of cows, the Buffalo also include pastoralists from various parts of Jammu and Kashmir districts and many farmers. During the livestock and sheep exhibition, cooperatives set up tents made from farm implements and private players.

During the event, the principal donated 41,25,000 birr to the farmers through a planned subsidy check.

DDC Vice-Chairman Raghunandan Singh; Director of Animal Husbandry, Doifode Sagar Dattatray; Director of Sheep, Krishan Lal Sharma; The event was attended by President Lakkanpur MC, Rainder Sharma and BDC Chairman Mahanjur Raj Singh.


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