Navin Chudhari SLEC MIDH Conference Chairs

JAMMU: Navin Kumar Choudhary, Secretary General of the Department of Horticulture, Agricultural Production and Farmer Safety, today chaired the State Level Executive Committee (SLEC) Integrated Mission for Fruit and Vegetable Development.

Navin Chudhari discussed in detail the steps taken at the last SLEC meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ajax Ahmed Bahat, Director General of Horticulture Kashmir, gave a detailed presentation on the activities and achievements of the UT of J&K Mission.

The meeting said the Indian government has approved an action plan for Rs 51.99 crore in line with the MIDH annual plan for 2021-22.

Speaking at the event, Navin Chudhari called on the authorities to use the allocated funds fairly within a reasonable period of time.

During the meeting, SLEC Chairperson Navin Chudhari outlined the main activities of the line of action, which included the activities of kindergarten, environmental expansion, renovation, water resources creation, conservation, INM promotion, beekeeping, etc.

SLEC has authorized a number of projects related to the establishment of CA storage units, such as private warehouses for private entrepreneurs under MIDH.

The meeting also discussed the approval of projects received by MIDH from grants / corporations, with five projects approved by MDH on November 16, 2021 at the 20th meeting of AMC in New Delhi.

In addition, the meeting discussed with the GoI the sanctioning or approval of pending projects, for which the Secretary-General instructed the authorities to submit a deadline for clearing defects before December 31, 2021. , In their documents.

The meeting also ruled that the documents that lie with GoI for the past six years should be removed on projects that are in short supply.

Meanwhile, in accordance with MIDH guidelines, two projects have been approved for the establishment of JKHPMC CA cold storage to meet all required documentation.

The meeting also reviewed and recommended several DPRs CA store projects and approved the establishment of two excellence centers in Kashmir and Jammu, each.

Additional Secretary, Horticulture Kashmir, Director General of Horticulture Kashmir, Director of Horticulture, Jammu, Director of Agriculture, Jammu, Director of Agriculture, Flower Jammu and Research Director SKUAST-J, Kashmir, Director of Flower Development and Director of Agriculture Kashmir were present. And in virtual mode.

In a separate meeting, the Secretary-General reviewed the activities of the MIDH and CAPEX budgets.

Evaluated high-density farms in Kashmir and Jammu subdivisions, establishing CA Stores and Parwaz Scheme, among others.

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