Navin Kumar visits Chohari Jourian. Mango, Kagzi Nora introduces a compact plant

Navin Kumar Chuhari, Secretary General of the Department of Gardening, paid a courtesy call on Jamia Woreda today. Director General of Vegetation, Jammu, Ram Sevak, said the development is underway in Jammu sub-tropics. Classification during the rainy season under CAPEX. Speaking on the occasion, the Secretary General informed the farmers about the incentives under various central and UT sponsorship programs of the department. A network of 25.00 million incentives for irrigation of 10 hectares of land in the garden. This candy belt helps farmers to irrigate their orchards in order to produce good crops and thus increase their income. It also sanctioned four power plants, including the Rs incentive. 2.00 lakh. He asked the relevant department to open small veterinary units in the area. Later, mango sprouts were planted in Janda (Georgia), Kuhor, 130 square feet of mango and cassava lime. Chairpersons of the Development Council, Khur and Balwal, Joint Director of Horticulture, Jammu, Chief Horticulture Officer, Jammu, Sarpanchis, Woreda Officers and other blockchain officials and department officials were present at the event.


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