Navin’s case on the development of issues related to development

Baramula, August 12 – Secretary General of Agricultural Production and Farmer Security Navin Kumar Chudhari visited Baramula today to assess the overall development situation in the woreda.

The Secretary General held an interactive meeting with members of the Woreda Development Council to assess their issues and concerns regarding local development.

DDC members highlighted a number of grievances and questions and called for timely action to achieve the growth goal at the grassroots level.

Meanwhile, DDC Chairperson Sefe and Bay highlighted a number of development issues that need to be addressed. The Secretary-General assured that the development problems of the PRIs should be rectified as soon as possible to realize the decentralized vision of democracy.

Regarding resolving various issues related to the development of the woreda, the secretary general gave directions to various concerned officials.

Later, Navin Kumar Chuwhari held a special meeting with the heads of the relevant departments to assess the pace of development on various mega development projects in the woreda by various executive agencies.

Woreda Development Commissioner Bupinder Kumar gave a detailed report on the progress made in various sectors. In addition to outlining development projects, he presented a brief woreda profile highlighting the current status of the CVD-19 epidemic and the ongoing immunization campaign.

He urged the implementing bodies to adhere to the deadlines set for the completion of development projects.

Navin Chuwhari urged modern farmers to create more opportunities to double their incomes.

The meeting was attended by directors of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, horticulture, horticulture planning and marketing, heads of departments, line department engineers, and other officials.


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