NCC cadres win overall trophy

Hissar Fle Dign College NCC-Air Wing cadets won the annual training camp trophy. This year’s training camp was organized by Sri Krishna Pranami School, Siwani, Bhiwani Woreda, according to the college’s NCC Officer, Dr. Surinder Bishinoy. Cadres from various colleges and universities participated. Deanand College’s Hissar cadres won their first prize in volleyball, rowing, throwing, sprinting, and general championships. The principal of the college, Dr. Vikramjit Singh, congratulated the cadres.

Mono-acting competition

Kurukshetra Global Tagor Global School, Kurukshetra, has organized an indoor single competition to ensure that students have the opportunity to explore their talents. The students showed their talents in various online classes, environments, mythical characters, etc. Students from all walks of life showed great enthusiasm.

Teaching, non-teaching assns connect with VC.

Hesar F፡r La’ala Lapatpat Ray, Vice Chancellor of the University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Dr. Gurdial Singh, recently requested a free medical card and five days a week. In the university. According to Dr. Ashok Malik, President of the Teaching Association, VC will soon provide free medical cards to all staff. Regarding the implementation of LUVAS five days a week, VC has set up a committee to submit its report and will make a decision based on the committee’s report. Following a confirmation from VC, the unions decided to postpone Dahanna, scheduled for November 29 and 30.

Extension speech

Extensive education at RKSD College’s Faculty of Economics, entitled ‘The Importance of Skills Development among Current Students’. The keynote speaker was Professor Ashok Chawhan of Kurukshetra University Economics Department. Principal Sanjay Goyal and Chief Economist Professor Vender Goyal noted that skill development is very important in the current context. Traditional practices in the field of employment are over, he said, adding that educated young people are now their first choice.

VC for research projects

Cardinal Secretary Professor Samar Singh, Vice Chancellor, Maharana and Practice Horticultural University (MHU), met with the newly appointed Assistant Professors and urged them to focus on research projects in light of current issues. They provide projects for the research to be funded by the Union Government and foreign organizations. “Congratulations on joining the university,” said M.H.U.

Tax paid to FIRST President

Kurukshetra University Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurukshetra Professor Som Nat Sachdeva on Friday laid the foundation stone of the first President of India and great Indian freedom fighter Dr. Rajendra Prasad. He was speaking after paying tribute to Dr. Prasad’s breast. “Today we have to take inspiration from his life and work hard to take the university to the next level in the field of education,” he said.

Workshop set up.

Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra University Integrated and Honor Research Institute organizes a one-day workshop “Measuring academic achievement in undergraduate programs. About 85 instructors of the institute participated in the workshop.” Explaining the results and procedures, he emphasized the need for a postgraduate program within the institute, and emphasized the appropriateness of the new education policy-based credit system and the evaluation of the ANAC Certification Institute.

Online guest talk

Faridabadad hosted an online guest lecture on Indigenous Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Literature in Agarwal College English. Dr. Krishna Kant Gupta, Principal, Instructor, Ansar Ali, Coordinator, National Gandhi Museum, Delhi. Ali talks about Gandhi’s contribution to literature by sharing his life story and emphasizing social issues. He also recounted some interesting stories about Gandhi’s life and how his writings were shaped.

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