Nebraska Growth illuminates technology, research behind Nebraska agriculture

Growing Up on the Nebraska State Exhibition The Nebraska Exhibition will present new interactive activities at the 2021 Festival from Fonner Park to the Great Island from August 27 to September 6.

Collaboration between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Nebraska State Exhibition and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture shows a 25,000-square-foot display in the Nebraska building. Raising Nebraska, which is open all year round, includes a wide range of immersive, interactive, and handicrafts designed to help visitors understand Nebraska’s agricultural, conservation, science, technology, business, and consumer aspects.

“We have begun to examine the present and the future of agriculture in Nebraska. “When people come here and think we are farming, they don’t keep up with the technology. They do not realize that the results of our research are often heard around the world. ”

New activities for 2021 will include the measurement of gob itor weight to grain bushes, the number of newborn pigs, gallons of milk or about a dozen other Nebraska agricultural products. Another new initiative shows how agricultural exports from Nebraska are moving around the world, and another shows how hundreds of corn are being used in daily production.

In addition, the popular features of the past years will return in 2021. These include a walk-in Nebraska map, a combined simulator, and a flexible irrigation simulator that allows farmers to control their individual plots to get the right amount of water for their various farms. .

“When the Nebraska State Fair opened in 2014, Nebraska Development raised a new level of agricultural knowledge,” said Dean Kathleen Lodell, co-founder of Nebraska Extension. Just as agricultural producers must continue to invent new ways to feed the world, Nebraska must always improve and include new ways to tell the story of our food and the families that grow up.

This year, Nebraska’s venue will also host dozens of rallies, 4-H events and other programs.

Last year, 4-H fashion shows moved to Nebraska. Considering the social unrest, the decision was made because participants and their families loved the place. It will be a fashion show in 2021, says Polk.

The Nebraska venue also includes a 4-H robots display, a 4-H movie festival, a cooking show with famous fs, a brewery provided by the Nebraska Department of Agronomics and Gardening for hop use, among others. Overall, there is Polk, Nebraska Raising, which offers an 85-hour program in 11 days.

For many fair-minded people, promotion is the annual stop of the Nebraska Exhibition. Since the exhibition first opened in 2014, 1.3 million people from Nebraska and beyond have visited, and Polk’s activities and interactive displays are making an impact on the audience.

We are now getting deeper questions – ‘How are drones used in agriculture?’ ”She says.

And as farms continue to improve, so does the Rajing Nebraska Exhibition.

He said those activities that explain the technology, research and accuracy behind agriculture in Nebraska are pieces that we can and will continue to grow.

Nebraska Raising is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily on selected days during the Nebraska State Fair. For the full schedule, click here.

Sponsors include the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Potato Development Committee, Cargil and the Department of Agricultural Economics.

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