Neighbors are ‘angry’ at the garden’s ‘square’ because of the nearby field

Nottingham’s neighbors say that their gardens are “beautiful” because of the vegetation that grows in a nearby field.

On the Grindon Moon, the villagers say they have “lost” because of the rapid expansion and greening of a field near Tolly Close.

They say they have spent countless hours trying to manage the weeds, roots, and shrubs that come from the field owned by Nottingham City Council.

Chris Welch, 37, has lived on the Gridon Moon for the past two years and says he feels something needs to be done.

“Over the last two years, I have spent weeks and days working on all of this,” he said.

A picture of shrubs for planting a garden in Glindon Moon, Bulwell

Everything will continue to grow faster and faster. These people work for a living and they try to fix it all.

“It takes a real, professional team to resolve this dispute. I was trying to get everything out of my garden and it worked 24/7.

We are defeated.

Meanwhile, Michael Benwell, a 65-year-old neighbor, told Nottinghamsher:

I cut myself a lot, but it always grows faster. I was trying to get the roots out of the ground and I couldn’t because it was a big job.

I’m tired of trying to resist him.

Both neighbors say they will be fined and even evicted if they do not manage their gardens properly – but say the problem is only with the surrounding area.

They want to see a professional team hired to cut and uproot plants to stop the problem from getting worse.

Chris added: “Instead of understanding them, they threatened them. They sent letters through the doors. It is causing great stress for all.

A spokesman for Nottingham City Homes said: “In such cases, it is the landlord’s responsibility to cut off any green hanging on their property.

We are working with Nottingham City Council and will see if any work needs to be done to maintain the level of development along the border.

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