Nettie Baugher has been involved in horticulture research

For Netty Bauer, NC State Online Horticultural Science Program It offers the best of both worlds.

Bugger’s first degree is in horticulture, and she currently works in horticulture as a commercial gardening agent for the Gates, Chowan and Perquimans districts. NC Cooperative Expansion. When it was time to choose a graduate program, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for horticulture and pursue a science teacher or horticulture science (MHS) program. NC State’s acclaimed MHS program has made Bugger more flexible during class and graduation. These were the reasons for the decision, so she went to MHS.

Now, halfway through the program, Bauer is convinced she made the right decision.

I have had a very positive experience in the MHS program. I would love to have you do what you want: physically, remotely, or hybrid. I have had the adventure of taking lessons in person and online and experimenting with watermelon flowers. ”

Bauer is contributing to the on-site study, led by a professor Jonathan Schultis, His career is focused on horticultural extension and research responsibilities.

In her postgraduate studies, she admires Professor Schulheis’ great advice.

“Since I started as a non-graduate student, it was difficult to make sure all my credits were transferred and that I met all the requirements. Dr. Schulteis helped make sure everything was in order, and he was a great consultant when it came to my research project. The project already had a year of data collection, and my role was to collect a second year of data. Taking this project allowed me to shorten my graduation time, and then to take a job on my family farm. I could not have done it without Dr. Schulheyes encouraging me to take that project.

Participating in research is a great opportunity for Bauer to practice her strong handicrafts. This sometimes makes learning online difficult, but fortunately, she finds ways to overcome the challenge and succeed.

For me, the most challenging aspect of online education is staying active. When too much online education is based on speech, it can sometimes be difficult to pay attention. Much of this aspect of participation is based on the class and its structure. Thank you, I was able to choose lessons on topics that helped me stay focused. ”

As a full-time professional, Bauer appreciates her ability to choose how many classes she takes each semester, which allows her to balance work, school and personal responsibilities.

During my time in the program, I only took one class per semester, and I work in an environment where continuing your education is encouraged and supported. I am very grateful for this, and I think both of these aspects were very important in maintaining a good work / life / school balance while taking classes.

Working towards her degree, she was exposed to additional aspects of fruit and vegetable management, which helped prepare Buggerne’s productive work. He gave her a deeper perspective on many of these topics, and she felt ready for her next step.

“In August, I will start working on my family’s orchard and nursery, focusing on sales and product development. Much of the product development aspect of the work includes new reviews, and I am thrilled to see how much of my research and lessons have been applied in this new environment. Work. ”

Bugger encourages other professionals who are interested in graduate school to enroll early in the program (instead of taking as many undergraduate courses as possible). This will help them create a work plan in advance and avoid some of the differences in transferring non-degree credits.

“NC State has a great gardening program, and professors do a great job of engaging students in online education. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend MHS, and I recommend it to anyone.


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