New 10 ‘x 13’ Rectangle Shade Ultraviolet Garden for Patio Garden Outdoor Utility

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Color: Sand

10 ‘x 13’

Materials: Sunscreen is made of high-density polyethylene (100% HDPE) cotton sewn into 185 gsm UV. The D-rings at each corner make them easy to attach to any solid point of view to provide sun protection and personal design wherever you need sunscreen.

Ultraviolet Restriction – Protects from harmful ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight. It absorbs harmful sunlight without the warmth of the bottom. The fabric has a strong breathability, effectively reducing heat loss, blocking up to 95% of ultraviolet rays and protecting the skin.

Easily breathable material design – allows for better ventilation and cooling, allowing air and light to pass through, so there is no swimming pool (so no water).

Measurement – Measurement is taken from the D ring to the D ring, leaving a space of 1.5 – 2 feet for the hardware kit between the shadow canvas DD ring and the mounting points, all edges are slightly twisted and can be stretched tightly.

Application – Widely used for yard, lawn, garden, swimming pool, bible area, pond, boat, backyard, backyard, backyard, backyard, park, carport, pegol, sandbox, driveway or other outdoor occasion.

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