New Charitable Trust for New Zealand’s Fruit and Vegetable Development Sector

A new charitable organization was launched to support the horticultural industry.

MG Marketing Charitable Trust (MG Trust) is funded by New Zealand’s leading wholesaler, MG Marketing. The cooperative, owned by the guardian, donated $ 170,000. Subsequent funding will come from the annual distribution of shares held by MG Trust.

Although MG Trust is supported by MG Marketing, trustees work independently to make key decisions on how to allocate financial support.

John Clark, the producer and chairman of the Horohenua, welcomed the start of the faith and said that making a positive change in New Zealand’s horticultural sector is at the heart of MG’s trust.

“MGI Trust is open to hear from a variety of applicants, but trustees are focused on supporting areas of education, innovation, research and initiative that will improve the industry profile,” Clarke said.

MG Marketing has made a significant contribution to support the first round of funding, which will be allocated in November and will increase in size.

Peter Hendry, executive director of MG Marketing, said MG Trust will be a priority vehicle for cooperatives.

“MG Marketing receives financial support requests for a number of valid reasons and initiatives,” says Henry.

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the MG Trust, a non-profit non-profit organization that distributes funds to a number of projects in New Zealand that have a positive impact on the horticultural sector.

This is in line with the goals set in our Sustainability Framework to enhance the way we support the communities in which we work.

Applications open this week on November 22, 2021, before the MG Trust Fundraising Meeting on November 1, 20 November. Applications can be downloaded from the MG Marketing website,

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