New colleges include cannabis courses among weed legalization

Higher education is taking on a new meaning in New York after the state legalized marijuana use.

Colleges and universities are adding new courses on cannabis to the curriculum to prepare students for the growing industry. And they don’t just offer token lessons on weed history.

Online Excel College is bringing new master’s degree courses in marijuana under the cannabis control degree and expanding elementary education.

“We are in space to educate people about the cannabis industry. A.D. By 2025, cannabis will become a multi-billion dollar industry in New York.

Next year, marijuana is expected to be sold in local shops and pot shops.

According to Dolan, graduates will learn about the complexities of the marijuana industry, including compliance with a number of government regulations.

In addition to direct pot producers, suppliers and vendors, accountants, lawyers, health professionals and people in the insurance industry will benefit from taking courses on social justice, environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility and public finance.

There are also legal issues that need to be addressed

“Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level,” Dolan said.

Cannabis College courses are designed to help students get started in the New York-based industry.
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Weeds are also being transformed into fertile ground for New York Public University systems, where their colleges offer degrees in agriculture and law, biology, medicine, and business.

Currently, 10 different Sunni campuses offer courses related to the marijuana and hem industries.

Sunni Chancellor James Malatras says cannabis courses, certificates, and training programs and degrees will be “absolutely” increased for students.

“Our mission is to provide access to students to meet the needs of the workforce,” Malatras said in an interview on Sunday.

“This is not an easy task. This is an earthquake change in the law, ”Malalatras added.

Sunni Farmingdale Campus is presenting a new cannabis product and management certificate approved by the state education department in February.

Meanwhile, Sunni North Morvilleville College has launched its first 15-credit cannabis industry undergraduate program in late 2019.

Stone Brooke U also offers a “cannabis-history, culture, science and drug use” biology course, and the Finger Lakes Community College Vegetation Program adds cannabis biology and agriculture to the track.

New York’s major private colleges also see opportunities in the grass.

Newna Stern School Business has launched CannaBusiness, which provides unparalleled industry professionals and corporate sponsors with “snatched networking events and professional panels,” according to the school’s website.

Meanwhile, the Itaka-based Cornell University offers a “cannabis biology, community and industry” program with a strong agricultural research program that supports a thriving neighborhood.


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