New Director of Rural Resources, to investigate the mission

Following the resignation of former director of rural resources, Mary Jones, the board of directors will share leadership responsibilities until a new director is elected, board member Emily Bidgud said on Wednesday.

“So far, board members have been sharing leadership as we go through the recruitment process,” Bidgud said.

Although she did not specify a timeline, the board said it was “ready to post the location soon.”

He said the site would be posted online on the company’s website.

According to a statement issued by the board on behalf of the board to Grinville Sun, the organization is expanding its focus and adding to the program.

“After the big summer, our rural resources program has been improving since this fall,” said Bidgud. The board and staff are reviewing our mission and vision as we move into a new leadership following the departure of Mary Jones. We are grateful for Mary’s exciting time in the countryside, which has given us a new passion and a greater commitment to connecting our community to our long-term relationships. Sustainable local food economy heritage. ”

In addition to this year’s Farm Day camps and the annual incredible farm dinner in Maine, registration is underway for the Agricultural and Food Growth Training Program, which will begin in late August.

“The curriculum includes fruit and vegetable lessons, nutrition and food preparation, animal husbandry and agricultural trade and practices, led by Charlie McLeast and the rest of the staff,” Bidgud said in a statement. Our next event on September 18 is the Downtown Beer Festival, featuring local food, local beer, local music, and downtown Deep Street. Our event in 2019 was amazing, and we look forward to partnering with the city and our sponsors to welcome our guests. Return to downtown. “

Tickets are sold on the organization’s website.

In addition, the Harvest Garden on Rural Resources features a variety of agricultural practices and farming techniques, with an emphasis on sustainability and soil health, according to the Board’s statement.

“We are happy to have new volunteers for the harvest season,” Bidgud said. We are looking for people who love local food, sustainability or agriculture and who can help us create events that we can all enjoy. ” We have time and opportunities for all who love to be honored by good people working together to bring our community together.

More information, including tickets for the upcoming events, is available at Rural

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