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Here, a new traditional weaving course has been developed by the Board of Education and Training of Ethiopia (ETB) to address the shortcomings in the industry.

The ‘Donal Weaving Education’ is one of more than 120 full-time and part-time courses in the ETB Extended Education and Training (FET) process for 2021-2022.

Work experience training has been developed in partnership with several county’s major weaving companies, as there is no shortage of trained weavers in the Dongel style.

Accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

The first in the country, Senegal, is the only ETB to offer such education.

The plaster is said to be “being developed in Kilkar, providing an opportunity to gain the skills needed to work in this unique field and contribute to the preservation of this heritage.”

It is one of three industry-sponsored forty-week training courses designed to prepare students for direct employment after graduation. Students combine in-class out-of-class training directly with in-house training in the host company.

Prospectus contains detailed information on more than 120 full-time and part-time courses for the upcoming school year, 2021-2022.

They vary from level 1-6, including administration, business and finance; Art, crafts and design; Construction and built environment; Courses for the disabled; Customer care; Early childhood care and education, engineering and manufacturing; Organizational involvement; Family education; General education; Hair and beauty; Health and Social Care and Gardening.

They also include IT and computing. Languages; Leaving a certificate for adults; Professional programs; Sports, recreation and fitness; Tourism and hospitality; Transportation and logistics; Veterinary and Youth Access Program for Preschool Students.

The Prospect contains information on how to qualify through early recognition and business support.

Four new full-time courses in animal care, textile weaving, installation of communication systems, and network planning have also been developed for these acceptable applications.

You can find the best course for you through the ETB website course finder

Installation training for communication systems installation training has been developed to meet the needs of the communication cable industry in the communication technology sector.

Network Planning Trainer trains applicants to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to work in the network planning industry.

Both sectors have seen tremendous growth in recent years, with the training being built by leading telecommunications company Ken Circet. They take place in Letterkenny.

Speaking about Prospectus Publishing, the Director of Extent Education and Training at Dingal ETB said, “The mission of Drugal ETB is to promote, provide and support accessible and inclusive education and training that will enable young people and adults to reach their full potential.” Their full potential in a safe and caring environment ” Our FET service offers 1-6 courses certified by various providers in every corner of the county to accomplish this mission and I am delighted to see all of these published together. In this new process. There is something for everyone and by 2020 nearly 9,000 people in the county have benefited from our FET courses so we look forward to welcoming many more new students this fall and next year.

The online ‘FET Fortnight’ event, which airs on August 23 at 8:00 pm on ETV’s YouTube account, covers the most popular learning sites and offers adult guidance and opportunities to meet their employees.

More details on their Facebook events, other social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and website (available)

ETB’s Prospectus is now available on the Publications and Resources section of the website or for more information by calling or by calling 074 9178088 for ETB Adult Guidance and Information Services.

New 120 Traditional Weaving Education by ETB Proponents Last updated: August 25, 2021 as if Kronana Scanlon

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