New farmers are now eligible for cost-sharing support

Nashville: The Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) has announced that this year’s Expenditure Schedule is from October 1 to 7. There is a new option in the Tennessee Agricultural Enrichment Program (TAEP) for newcomers to agriculture this year.

“Agriculture is the largest industry in Tennessee,” said Tennis Governor Bill Lee. TAEP investments have been made in every district in the region and the impact is greater than our farmers. Improvements and expansion in agriculture will strengthen our rural economic development efforts.

TAEP has invested nearly $ 207 million in 68,748 manufacturing projects over the past 15 years, supporting agricultural production projects.

“With the support of legislative and industry partners and Governor Lee, more long-term investments in Tennessee farms will be made,” said Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Hacher. Incorporating new ones into the TAEP prepares them for success.

Tennessee farmers who are applying for a share of the first-time subsidy and have been in the field for less than five years may be eligible for the option of a beginner farmer under Apple A.

Manufacturers may be eligible for up to 50 percent of the cost of various programs. Manufacturers must use App for animal equipment, genetics, grass equipment, animal health, animal solutions, permanent structures, dairy solutions, and row crop solutions. The popular lawn mower program is available this year and is updated annually as a qualifying program with lawn mowers.

Application B is for farmers who have invested in agriculture, horticulture, honey, fruits and vegetables, organic and value-added products. Application C is for commercial poultry producers.

Approval notifications will be sent in mid-December. Program purchases can be made beginning October 1, 2021, and must be completed by the program’s final return request deadline. To avoid delays, participants must make purchases and submit return requests on time.


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