New Fields Invites Visitors to Van Gog-inspired Visit to the Garden

Art and nature are intertwined in the Van Gog-inspired garden exhibitions in New Gold.

INDIANAPOLIS – LUME launches Van Gog immersion experience in New Gold at the end of June. The museum now features seven exhibits around the garden, all inspired by Van Gog’s painting.

Jonathan Wright, director of New Lilds Garden and Parks, says: “A lot of work has come here. They were really studying the pictures. We are one of the few places in the world where we can actually take the whole collection in an unusual garden and museum, you know, the whole circle of nature, inspiring artists and now our gardeners are inspired by the work of Van Gog to bring it to life in the garden.

Guests can find a variety of displays here.

“Some displays are more about the texture of the grass than the large bold leaves,” Wright said. The others were very literal. This year, for example, we have developed every sunflower that Van Gog painted.

One of Van Gog’s most famous paintings is Stary Night Entertainment.

“Color Gallery is indisputable – the only cedar we have re-created,” Wrightsaid. When you look at the details: Nice old big yellow marigolds: When you look closely, almost every leaf of the tree is a star brush and a star night entertainment.

There are beautiful displays to the last detail.

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“You can see how much time and ideas our team gave him,” Wright said. Here is a great opportunity to explore and explore this unusual garden in our own backyard and see how art and nature inspire each other.

Newfield said Van Gog-inspired exhibitions will run until September.

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