New Garden Closing Rules – Do Not Hold

For decades, zealous gardeners have kept their precious fruit trees and flowers in a net.

But in Australia: First, now is the expected captivity.

This week, Victoria implemented a series of regulatory changes to improve the use of family networks.

Among the dead were flying foxes, magic, poses, and sulfur-filled cockroaches. Responds to 285 net cases by 2020.

“We believe our numbers are just the tip of the iceberg,” said spokeswoman Lisa Palma. Many animals may not be able to call the dead Victoria. ”

In March 2018, 44 rainbow lorises were caught in a net covering an apple tree in suburban Melbourne, and 25 died.

Regulatory changes in agricultural Victoria began on Wednesday, with a full latency of 5 mm by 5 mm or less when fully extended.

“Larger grids are more likely to trap animals, and their struggle can lead to deep cuts and suffocation,” says Victoria’s Farm website.

Reducing the size of the net will greatly reduce the risk of trapping.

A fine of up to $ 2,700 may apply for the sale or use of an unauthorized network.

“It is very sad when you go to someone’s house and see a small animal fighting with a net. Many animals are badly damaged and need to be improved. ”

By turning to the right nets, domestic fruit tree growers will make a big difference to the safety of wildlife in this state.

“As Victoria people, we need to remember that we share our homes, our backyards and our landscapes with the wildlife. They are their home.”

The new rules do not apply in business settings.

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