New Garden Room and Extension Plans in Bucks

New Garden Room, and some extensions are just some of the many applications submitted to the Bucks Council last week.

Here is a selection of some of the most recent plans currently being decided by the council’s planning officers.

One-story rear extension construction and front entrance transitions, floor conversion with two rear box dormitories, five ceiling lights and fence upgrade housewife application – 21/08462 / Full

Mr. and Mrs. Cullen presented plans for Bucks Council to 5 Threkeld Close, High Wycombe.

Red brick and roof tiles match the current one.

Applicants are now awaiting a decision.

Certificate of Legitimacy New Strength (Drivers, Roads and Balconies), New Accessibility and Door Brick and Open New Spaces – Doors and Windows – 21/08456 / CLP

Mr. Alex Tacer has applied for the Kennel End, Hammerley Lane and Tylers Green.

One document states: “We consider existing housing to be legal because it has been in operation since 1970.

The applicant is currently awaiting a response from the House.

Construction of two-story rear and side extensions following the removal of the existing single garage and shed, dormer windows front and rear and one-story front porch extension – 21/08451 / Full

A Bucks resident presented plans for 14 Carrington Avenue, Flexwell Haze.

The agent is Carrie Peck Design.

The applicant is currently awaiting a response from the local authority.

Housewife Application Replacing Gable End Roof with Four Roof Lights at Old Back Storage – 21/08389 / Full

Mr. and Mrs. Akanbi submitted a planning application to the Council for 22 Rye View, High Wycombe.

The agent is Lugard Property Services Ltd.

Applicants are currently awaiting a response from the local authority.

Homeowner Application for Construction of One Floor Backyard Garden Room – 21/08387 / Full

Mr. David Barber presented plans to Richmore House, Grace Lane, and Ebston.

The agent is Vale Paradise Homes.

The applicant is currently awaiting a response from the House.

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