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The Australian Minister for Agriculture has announced the date for the introduction of a private agricultural visa.

Federal Minister of Agriculture David Littleprop said the industry is urgently looking for a new category to harvest and other workers overseas as soon as possible.

“The announcement date is very close and very close,” he said.

“Then we will work with the states that have the health approval, as well as the states that can enter the Pacific Ocean.

Mr. Lipprud, the Vice President of the Nationalities, said he hoped in the coming weeks to have more confidence in the energy supply industry.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Macmork has promised to issue an agricultural visa within three months of being announced in June. The new category has been the subject of controversy in the Coalition for years.

Liberals regret Australia’s agreement to extend 88-day working hours in regional areas to extend working holidays

AUSVEG, part of the Peak Vegetable and Potato Industry, warns that the sector will face up to 24,000 workers in the coming peak season.

The lobby group called on the federal government to increase its neutrality in recruiting more workers.

“We still have the staff we need,” said Tyson Kat, Osvig’s national public affairs manager.

Farmers continue to struggle to find workers for the coming harvest.

Workers have accused the federal government of cracking down on the introduction of agricultural visas after three years of small-scale design work.

Opposition agricultural spokeswoman Julie Collins criticized the lack of details on the project.

“Delivering advertisements to struggling Australian farmers is a sham that comes from a weak government,” he said.

In the horticultural sector, Australian farms are experiencing a series of revelations about labor exploitation and low wages.

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