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Following the closure of Newton Rig College, a new land-based training provider will begin its first courses in an effort to rebuild agricultural and horticultural education in Cumbria.

Community Organization Newton Rig Limited (NRL) is currently opening courses in Vegetable and Fruit and Dairy Management as part of the NR training initiative starting this September.

In partnership with Lottery, NR Training School in Lottery Palace will be part of a 20-year plan to manage and return 52ha gardens to students at Lottery Palace.

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Horticultural Diploma and Certificate Courses Formerly Head of Fruit, Forestry and Floriculture at Newton Rig Campus, La Lagd Todd.

Lynn Brunett (Left) Lewis Stodart and La Lagdod teach gardening students © NRL

The Advanced Dairy Management Course is conducted by an independent dairy consultant, James Webster.

The location of the school has not yet been established and is designed to support existing and aspiring dairy managers.

The dairy course is the first in a series of courses planned as part of the NR Training Rural Business School.

The six modules – cow feeding, feeding formula and generating edges; Cattle breeding and transition cow management; Finance, benchmarking and dairy contracts; Cattle feed management; Reproduction, mastitis, lamellar and John; And business development and management.


Jane Sullivan, education consultant and director of Newton Rig College, from 2015-18, played a key role in creating NR training with Duke College Director Andrew Consel, director of Duke College.

“The NR training initiative has been under development for some time and we are happy to have our first courses since September,” said Dr. Sullivan.

Following the closure of Newton Rig College, the NRL was established to protect the future of land-based education in Cumbria.

Chris Krudson, NLL Director, said: “At the beginning of the NR training, we are on the path to a sustainable solution for Cuba and we are grateful to the individuals and organizations who have supported us financially, mentally and professionally.

“This is a community effort and we believe our county will proudly step back.

Martin Ogle, general manager and chief gardener of Luther Palace, said:

I, like most of my team, trained at Newton Rig College, so it is important to continue our long-term efforts to rethink gardens at the Lottery Palace and work together on the future of fruit and vegetable education in Cumbria.

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