New warehouses are causing problems in some New Jersey cities

Even before the outbreak, warehousing in many parts of New Jersey was in full swing. This is due to the fact that the state is well located and a major transit point for the entire Northeast, one of the largest ports in the country, and easy access to many railways and interstate highways.

But with the ongoing COVID threats, the warehouse industry is growing faster than ever, and new questions are being raised about how to ensure it is not out of control.

New Jersey’s future executive, Pete Kassabach, is optimistic in many ways because it will create jobs and attract new revenue to help municipalities with cash in the tax. However, the reverse of these new warehouses can sometimes be a problem.

“If these warehouses are well maintained, they will take up space, take up farmland, and you will be exposed to trucks, noise pollution, and air pollution,” he said.

To avoid these problems, cities need to revisit their land use plans and zoning zones and “know where it is most reasonable to have warehouses,” so “logistics companies are close to infrastructure, roads and railways, but trucks should not come through the community You do not have to.

He said the regional planning office could play a positive role in resolving the issue by creating guidelines for “zoning and zoning and encouraging those warehouses.”

Mike Sera, executive director of the New Jersey Municipal League, said the decision-making process should stay with the cities, but that giving the state some guidelines could help “some of the best examples of these developments.”

“At the end of the day, those who live and are directly affected by the communities should really get the last idea,” he said.

Some planning groups have suggested that the State Planning Office or county or state commissions be empowered to control warehouses.

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