New York Bottle Garden Exhibition marks Fall to Completion Kusama – Cosmeck Nature, View until October 31

Dance Pumpkin, 2020. New York Botanical Garden, 2021. Painting urethane on bronze. © Yaoi Kusama. Photograph by Robert Benson by Ota Arts, Victoria Miro and David Zwinner

The New York Vegetable Garden (New York) has announced a seasonal fall that complements its much-loved exhibition today. Kusama – Cosmic nature, The only feature set for the show, which will be on display until October 31, 2021, will be produced by internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Yayo Kusa. Demonstrating the artist’s lifelong fascination with the natural world, the exhibition is housed in the landscape of the Botanical Garden, Andy Hopte Construction and the surrounding area, as well as the Luest T. Mertz Library Building. The New BGG annual Pumpkin and Pumpkin Showcase will be showcased this year at the Hop Construction Plaza and the Mertz Library Building – each location will be located in those locations at the Kusuma Entrance Gate – September 18th to October 31st. Kiku Flower sculptures (Kiku Chrysanthemum (Japanese word) merges with Kusama Exhibition in Concert Theater from October 2 to October 31. Pre-booking, limited, affordable tickets are required and sold at

The love of squash pumpkin

The garden’s seasonal pumpkins and squash will return in an exciting addition this year Kusama – funny nature Pumpkin depicts a number of works of art, from her childhood to her family’s kindergarten in hot houses and fields. Escort Pumpkins scream about love more than ever (2017) —Poca-spotted pumpkins The endless mirror cube: In the artist’s statement, in part, “My pumpkins are loved by all the plants in the world. When I see pumpkins, I can’t take away my joy and the admiration I have for being mine.

Beginning September 18, 2021, NYBG visitors will experience a wide variety of pumpkins, squash and pumpkins organized at the Conservatory Plaza and Library Building. On the Conservatory Lawn near the plaza, a monument Dance pumpkin (2020) The statue, created specifically for the exhibition, greets visitors with a stunning polka dot pattern.

Cookie – Pumpkin Family Names Public Programs Available from Benefits Tips to Recipes to Jewelry Ideas until October 31st. See here for more details.

Kiku And Kusa in the Conservatory

NYBG Favorite Tradition KikuAmazing displays of chrysanthemums in stunning shapes, styles and sizes – blend in with Kusama – Cosmic nature And in view In selected Conservatory galleries from October 2 to October 31, 2021. Kiku It is the most revered of all the Japanese flowering plants, and this year’s presentation complements the artist’s signature polka dots and her works of art to impress in the floral world.

Amazing Kiku Displays are loaded with chat Star pumpkin (2015), the golden and pink mosaic tiles of the sculpture echoing pastel colors and creating bright red and orange accents. He was buried alone in a flower garden (2014).

According to the training, horticulturists from Kiku In Tokyo Shinjuku Gion National Park, masters and colleagues have been handed over, and NBBG gardeners work for 11 months each year to grow, carefully train and shape chrysanthemum plants. Grown from small pieces, Kiku They are held in place, tied to frames and carefully cared for. When the autumn evenings grow longer and the plants bloom in October, the sprouts grow.

Many cultural Kiku Patterns are displayed, including:

  • Ozukuri In this very complex technique, a single stem is trained to produce hundreds of flowers at once in a huge, dome-like arrangement.
  • Kengai (Cascade) – This method shows chrysanthemums with small flowers. They are trained to fit boat-shaped frames that can roll up to six and a half feet. The result is an explosion of hundreds of tight-fitting flowers.
  • Oguku (Single stem) – These plants show the flowers of giant individuals planted up to six feet high.

Modern Dance Series

The highlights of the fall program include NYBG’s popular modern dance series on Coach Dance on September 11 and 12 and October 2 and 3. Ballet Hispanico October 9 and 10 And Harlem Dance Theater October 16 and 17. Outdoor performances from 2 to 5 p.m. Kusama Garden and Gallery Pass Or KUSAMA Garden Pass Tickets.

About the New York Botanical Garden

A.D. Established in 1891, the New York Vegetable Garden is part of the world’s most complete botanical garden and part of New York City’s traditional fabric of the Bronx. Visitors come to nature for fun, beauty and relaxation, and popular plant-based exhibitions, music and dance, poetry and speech. Innovative early childhood education programs promote environmental sustainability and nutrition awareness, postgraduate programs teach future plant researchers, and participating classes motivate adults to remain lifelong learners. 250 hectares of green landscape — 50 hectares, including an old growth forest — and the historic Anid Ha Hap Construction supports more than a million plant species. Unparalleled resources are also housed in the world’s most important botanical library, with 11 million archives, and William and Linda Steire Herbarium, the largest in the Western Hemisphere, at the 7th Million Plant and Fungus specimens at the Lutheran T-Mertz Library. They are contained in books. . Garden scientists are working on molecular laboratories dedicated to protecting the planet’s biodiversity and natural resources, and in areas where biodiversity is most vulnerable around the world.

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