New Zealand Sprout Peanut Analysis Analysis to Provide Marketing Opportunities for Art Products

The National Nutrition Examination’s worth $ 45,460 has been invested in a creative project to determine the nutritional and health claims of New Zealand-grown peanut butter.

Peak Peanut Butter, a Nelson-based company, is collaborating with Plant and Food Research to provide New Zealand Peanut samples from this year’s growing nutrient analysis with the Ministry of Primary Industries. MPI Sustainable Food and Fiber Future Fund.

Four Samples of Plant and Food Research examines New Zealand sprout peanuts and overseas peanuts in Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Nicaragua. To nutrition, health and related claims.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to grow peanuts in Northland,” said Stuart Macintosh CEO Peak Peanut Butter. The high-fat peanuts we import contain 30% more monounsaturated fat than regular peanuts, which is similar to avocado and olive oil. We hope that the new High Olive species found in experiments in Northland this summer can be compared to the unique characteristics of plant and food composition analysis.

“This project is in direct line with HVN’s mission to increase the value of New Zealand food products through health claims,” ​​said HVN Testing Director Joan Todd. “It also integrates with HVN strategies to start with user preferences and verify nutrition knowledge about Aotearoa New Zealand vegetable products,” she said.

Supports pix economic growth and environmental sustainability through iwi and hapū connections. The key project partner is Teroa, which is being evaluated as part of a research project to establish a plant and food research site on the Iwi land in Omari, in the province of Kai Ii Lake.

The project also aims to improve opportunities for the Maori land, including increasing the opportunities for fruit and vegetable and aquatic businesses, and increasing community awareness (natural, social, human, and physical) for the growth and development of the Cape Town woreda. to bring.

Plant and Food Research works with Pix to develop an understanding of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations and a wide range of regulatory requirements.

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