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Harrisburg, PA – Agriculture Secretary Russell Reding announced today that the 2021-22 Pa Agriculture Bill $ 500,000 Urban Agricultural Assistance Program will provide opportunities to develop new, local food and hands-on learning and community-building opportunities in urban, desert areas. . With improved agricultural infrastructure, urban farmers can prioritize access to adequate, healthy and culturally appropriate food.

“Getting adequate, healthy, fresh and culturally appropriate food is a fundamental right of all people,” Redding said. With the increase in agricultural infrastructure in urban areas, farmers will be able to efficiently increase food sovereignty in their common resources and prioritize food access and security for their communities.

The $ 500,000 Urban Agricultural Assistance Program provides assistance in urban agricultural infrastructure, product integration, resource sharing, and community development efforts. During the first two years of the program, the Wolf Administration invested $ 1 million in urban agriculture, with an additional $ 1 million in local investments. In all, for the first two years, the Pennsylvania Agricultural Bill Urban Agricultural Infrastructure Program funded 70 projects in 16 counties. (2019-20 Financial Assistance, 2020-21 Funded)

Two types of assistance can be provided – microgrant and collaborative assistance. In asynchronous funds, up to $ 2,500 can be used for one-time projects or for a single applicant. Collaborative donations (up to $ 50,000 in related funds) reflect collaborative or regional efforts that share resources, integrate agricultural products or producers, promote the distribution of wealth among agricultural entities, and support community development.

“In July, I had the opportunity to travel and visit urban agricultural projects throughout the state and see the real impact of urban gardens,” Redding added. Urban agriculture is more than a food for the body, it is a fertilizer for the soul and a healthy, happy, vibrant society. Urban agriculture is about developing fresh and nutritious food while providing opportunities for individual and community development. Purpose and interest. “

The 2021-22 Urban Agricultural Infrastructure Support Program will open today, September 13, 2021 and close on October 15, 2021.

The PA Farm Bill is a comprehensive program and financial support for the Pennsylvania agricultural industry. For more information on the Pennsylvania Agricultural Bill, visit Agriculture.

Other PA Farm Bill programs currently accepting applications include the $ 500,000 Farm for School Gift Program, the $ 1 Million Farm Needs Program and the $ 3 Million Property Improvement and Protection Tax Credit Program.

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