NGC Announces July, August Commercial Appearance Award Winners

The Nasturtium Garden Club has selected two Business Landscape Award winners for both the months of July and August.

Businesses nominated for the July awards are Armstrong Bank at 1364 E. Downing St., and Arvest Bank at 1720 Muskogee Ave.

Armstrong Bank’s outdoor beds are covered with dusty miller, begonias, monkey grasses, nandina bushes, boxwood bushes, holly bushes, ornamental grasses, and beautiful crepe myrtles in shades of pink, red, and white.

Red geraniums line both sides as you approach the building’s entrance. Other flowers in front of the building include pink geraniums, impatiens in various shades of pink, hostas and red and pink begonias. A variety of foliage in the foreground includes bugleweeds as ground cover, boxwood bushes, cedar trees and nandina bushes.

As one approaches the side of the building, the flower beds are decorated with dwarf junipers, ornamental grasses, white and pink crepe myrtle, barberry bushes, moss roses and monkey grass. Oak and pine trees shade the building to boxwoods, gold mound spiraeas and begonias.

They have a circular flower bed decorated with ornamental grass, butterfly weed and dianthus. Driving through the area continued through magnolia and oak trees, pine trees and crepe myrtles in pinks, whites, purples and reds. Manager Shauna Welch and Market President Bobby McAlpine understand the level of lawn care and landscaping at Tahlequah by designing and maintaining their gardens.

Arvest Bank has different leaves and flowers. Surrounding the driveway are weeping Japanese maples, monkey grasses, black-eyed Susans, stella de oro day lilies, holly bushes, nadina bushes, yellow corpuscis, boxwood bushes and bright pink crepe myrtles.

The southern part of the flower garden is decorated with ornamental grasses, dwarf juniper and Nandina bushes. The flower bed continues on the north side of the building, filled with ornamental grasses, red crepe myrtles, dwarf juniper and barberry bushes.

A flower bed in the corner of the Arvest lot is a blooming butterfly attraction filled with black-eyed Susans, stella d’oro day lilies, ornamental grasses, coral bells, crepe myrtles and nandina bushes.

Branch Manager Austin Martin and Assistant Manager Blake Andrews also credit One Degree Lawn Care and Landscaping in Tahlequah for designing and maintaining their garden.

August’s two winners are Tahlequah Fire Station on Water Street and TRG-Life Development Solutions at 1409 S. Muskogee Ave.

The fireplace features a simple yet bold circular brick flower bed filled with beautiful floating roses that bloom throughout the summer. Blooming monkey grass accentuates the roses. The garden is also decorated with a Fireplug water fountain display. The firefighters in the fire are responsible for building and maintaining the garden.

The TRG building houses three businesses, including AAA Insurance, Home Loan Resources and Cornerstone Healthcare. The businesses are managed by J. It’s Kent Rountree.

James Johnson is responsible for creating and maintaining the landscape. Their flower beds in front feature large nandinas, boxwood bushes, cedar trees and blue atlas cedars, attracting the attention of those who drive by. The flower bed highlights the trademarks with creeping phlox and stella d’oro lilies.

Visitors must drive around the entire building to enjoy all of their gardens. The gardens on the south and west sides of the building feature barberry, boxwoods, oriental lilies, pink flowering crepe.

Myrtles, carved cedar trees, Nandina bushes, Russian Sage, Spirea, Firepower Nandina, Euonymus, Alberta Spruce and Blue Alder Cedar.

As you circle the north side of the building, you’ll see a show-stopping display of green weeping Japanese maples and giant snowball bushes filled with hostas, boxwoods and spires.

Members of the Nasturtium Garden Club said they appreciate all the businesses in Tahlequah that add to the beauty of the community.

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